Backstage at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS

Having made the ‘Choice’ decision to hang out backstage rather than risk permanent hearing impairment courtesy of the thousands of screaming Jonas Brothers/Miley Cyrus fans at last night’s TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2008. This TV Addict is proud to present this blow-by-blow account of all the behind-the-scenes fun you didn’t see on camera.

channing tatum teen choice awards
Choice Example of America’s Faltering Education System: When asked what the biggest challenge America’s youth is currently facing, Choice Movie Actor Winner Channing Tatum said, “America’s Education system is not doing good.” ‘Nuff said!

sophia bush teen choice awards
Choice Irony: After the adorably radiant Sophia Bush told teen girls everywhere that no matter what you look like or wear, girls should, “own it, and embrace yourself because anyone can feel fabulous.” A reporter who clearly wasn’t listening followed up with, “What are you wearing?”

chace crawford teen choice awards
Choice Quote: On how it feels to not have to worry about the pressure of high school any longer, Gossip Guy and Choice TV Breakout Male Star Chace Crawford said, “I feel like I’m still a teenager because I’m perpetually in high school!”

chad michael murray teen choice awards
Choice Honesty: ONE TREE HILL and Choice TV Drama Actor Chad Michael Murray gets points for honesty by admitting that, “I drive a hummer, Maybe I’ll get a hydrogen hummer. I’m working on it,” when asked what his best Green Tip for America’s Youth was.

Choice T-Shirt Idea:Came courtesy of an anonymous reporter sitting behind this TV Addict who proclaimed, “Channing, Chad & Chace, the Trifecta of hotness.”

teen choice awards
Choice Teens: The seven young men and women who were recognized in conjunction with Nice to see that unlike this TV Addict, kids these days are actually getting off the couch, turning off their TV and doing something remarkable. [Click here for more info on these teens]

Choice Quote II: The US Weekly reporter sitting behind this TV Addict who hilariously followed up the inspiring ‘Choice Teens’ by exclaiming, “Boy I feel great about my life now. My job depends on whether Lauren Conrad tells me what product she uses in her hair!”

lauren conrad teen choice awards
Choice [Bad] Timing: Following the kids was reality TV star Lauren Conrad. Who we’re pretty sure is famous for well, doing what exactly?

david beckham teen choice awards
Choice Classy Moment: After the Jonas Brothers ‘forgot’ to drop by the TEEN CHOICE press room, David Beckham, arguably the world’s biggest star, took some time to provide salivating reporters with a few choice quotes.

  • Lola

    Is it wrong that your report was more entertaining than the show itself?

  • That was definitely more entertaining than the show!

  • ewanspotter

    Wow. Just when I thought Chad Michael Murray could get any douchier…

  • christine

    haha douche

  • DB

    thank you for this!

  • iame

    you know chad said about kenzie”she makes me laugh, and i’ve never had a girl who made me laugh before” does it occur to him that sophia was there? that’s just a little bitter don’t ya think?