An Open Letter to Chace Crawford

chace crawfordIf Deadline Hollywood Daily is to be believed [and seriously, when has the internet ever led us astray?], you’ve ditched ICM for CAA [The Darth Vader of Hollywood Agencies] in the hopes of snagging a ‘substantial raise’ for playing eye candy on the CW’s much talked about, yet little watched show GOSSIP GIRL.

Actions that unfortunately leave this TV Addict with no choice but to pose this obvious and slightly awkward question. Is it possible that Monday’s win for TEEN CHOICE Breakout Star has already gone to your head?

Sure, those mesmerizing blue eyes and pretty boy good looks have melted the hearts of millions of girls, gals and gays across the country. But they also can be replaced by any one of the hundred of Zac Efron-like clones anxiously biding their time in Starbucks and Gap stores throughout Hollywood.

You Chace Crawford are the GOSSIP GIRL equivalent of a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Cylon. Unlike co-stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick, you’re completely expendable and instantly replaceable. Not to mention, your acting ability make the kids of DEGRASSI look like the cast of MAD MEN.

So take my advice, be happy with your good fortune and stop rocking the boat. Or start memorizing these six words that will be integral to any and all future endeavors.

Would you like fries with that.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Completely agree! I watch Gossip Girl on and off, and it certainly isn’t for his “acting” abilities. If anyone deserves a raise, it’s Leighton Meester. She makes that show. And for eye candy, I’ll take Penn Badgley.

  • your acting ability make the kids of DEGRASSI look like the cast of MAD MEN

    That just made my day lol

  • Jade

    What an idiot, and I don’t mean him, but you, do you even know why the hell is he switching?, shut the f*ck up, he’s a great actor, and the one who works his ass off to promote the show, so be quiet idiot.

  • Mel

    I luv youuuuuuuu, TVAddict. LOLOLOLOL Chase should have a nice little chat with David Caruso sometime soon. (The problem, I bet, is that he’s too young to even know why I suggested that)

  • laura

    this is made of win. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so hit and miss for young stars that to rest on any kind of laurels is foolhardy at best.

    If we don’t learn from history (brady bunch, partridge family, 90210), then we are doomed to repeat it.

    I hope CC proves he has acting chops. I do. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • haha. that actually made me laugh. But I must say, his acting is pretty on-par with those degrassi kids. He makes up for it for being so pretty. Way prettier than Zac Efron. The degrassi kids are not that pretty.

  • Neena

    ‘But they also can be replaced by any one of the hundred of Zac Efron-like clones anxiously biding their time in Starbucks and Gap stores throughout Hollywood.’

    IAWTC TVAddict – Chace is very replacement and isn’t even the ‘star’ of GG. The actors getting the most press are Blake Lively and Leighton Meester and it’s Blake who’s getting 99% of the magazine covers.

    He really should be greatful for the work. Besides he can’t be getting paid that badly.

  • Neena

    Sorry a slight typo – i should have said ‘Chace is very replaceable’ – opps!!!

  • Alyssa

    Ha! I agree with you. He is the Marissa of Gossip Girl. His storylines are the ones to fast forward through and he pretty much sucks out the energy from any scene. How is this guy a breakout star?

  • Ashley

    I know, seriously. I watch the show for Leighton Meester and Ed Weswtick. Now those two can act, someone give them raises.

  • Lol. ICA. If he’s looking to up his money than he really doesn’t hve much to bargain with. Stick with being pretty.

  • Sam

    Hey, what business is it of OURS if a guy wants to change his representation? Are you privvy to all of his financial dealings? The guy is a star on the upswing, and if his old agency couldn’t capitalize or recognize it, then maybe a new agency will. It’s done all the time. What’s the big deal? Leave Chace alone. He’s one of Hollywood’s good guys, not a prima donna like so many others. Sheesh. And that Nikki Finke chick is so full of herself and mindless drivel, it’s unfreakinbelievable. No one takes her seriously.

  • Sam, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one unimpressed by Nikki Finke, though I think a lot of people do take her seriously. What irks me the most is that for a site so business heavy, the people who post on her comment boards are some of the snarkiest internet browsers this side of Aint It Cool.

  • ummmmm…. i have to totally disagree yea it may be because of his good looks but just because this friggin show makes it seem that way doesnt mean that he cant act if u were him would you be mad at yourself c’mon lets not hate a lil’ if it werent for his good looks and paparazied life u wouldn’t even be discussing this right now. He a friggin cacoon let him grow.

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  • Kim

    You guys are being horrible, the ones who are badmouthing Chace, I meant. Give the guy some slack. Geez. Where’s the proof that he’s changed agents for money? What if he just wanted a new agent to sign with? You know, an agency that can get him more jobs and stuff? These things happen in Hollywood all the time. Agencies get dumped for other agencies, publicists, managers and personal assistants are fired all the time. It’s Hollywood, people, get used to it. Besides, from what I’ve seen, he’s a pretty talented actor. If he wasn’t talented, how do you think he GOT the role in the first place? There must’ve been pretty stiff competition. After all, this IS a Josh Schwartz show. Besides, whoever wrote that he’s in this for money, whatever her name is, where’s her proof that he IS in it for the money? I’d like to see CONCRETE proof. Like, as in, the head of the CW or one of his Gossip Girl co-stars, that’s when I’ll believe it. Even if it is for the money, I wouldn’t blame him. I would’ve done the exact same thing if I were in his place. Go Chace, don’t listen to what people say about you. You’re a talented actor in your own right and you have the right to do as you please. We do live in a free world and a free country as well. People have rights, don’t you realise that? Actors ask for pay rises all the time, especially in America so I don’t know why this should surprise so many people as it happens all the time. I don’t see you attacking those actors, so why are you attacking a young actor who is trying to make his own way in the world? These silly lies make me so mad!

  • Chace is on fire ! I can’t wait for the new season of Gossip Girl. Chace talks about the upcoming season with Ryan Seacrest in this interview. Peep it:


  • Alyse

    that Nikki girl, or whoever wrote that article about Chace wanting money is a cow!

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