5 Things That Put a Smile on This TV Addict’s Face This Week

house cast season five promo pic

1. NEW PROMO PHOTOS: While some may argue that this TV Addict needs to get outside more, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. New promo photos make me giddy! Not only do they signify that the Fall TV Season is just around the corner. But Hello!?!? Surely I’m not the only one who’s beginning to think that the fine looking doctors of Princenton-Plainsboro are starting to give the dysfunctional gang from Seattle Grace a run for their money.

2. AN EVERWOOD REUNION: Now admittedly, Michael Ausiello totally deserves to be tied to a chair and force fed season after season of ACCORDING TO JIM for his incredibly misleading title that immeditatly got me thinking, “Gregory Smith on BROTHERS & SISTERS!” But nonetheless, in accordance with my [FOR] EVERWOOD obsession, this TV Addict is stoked that showrunner Rina Mimoun has tapped the adorable Sarah Drew [Hannah] for what will hopefully turn into a recurring guest stint on the CW’s PRIVILEGED. And while on the subject of the CW’s other new drama. You know, the one that doesn’t feature that famous zip code. You heard it here first. PRIVILEGED is going to be the CW hit that nobody saw coming.

3. MAD MEN’s VINCENT KARTHEIRSER: When Pete Campbell uttered the line, “What am I supposed to be doing now…” upon hearing about his father’s tragic death. Step one probably wasn’t — parlay this tragedy into a possible promotion at work. I’m just sayin’, probably not the way I would have handled things. But then again, who am I to judge? Promo photos make me giddy [see point #1]

4. WEEDS: Nobody puts the funny into hot button issues like illegal immigration and drug smuggling like WEEDS creator Jenji Kohan. And that’s why we love her. And the show, which is having its strongest season to date.

5. WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK!: Ryan Seacrest was bitten by a shark during Discovery Channel’s Annual Shark Week. Talk about suspiciously good timing. Not surprisingly, requests for comment from Discovery Channel Executives have been met with a terse “no comment.” Quickly followed up by not so subtle “high fives” in the background*

* Some ‘facts’ may have been slightly exaggerated for humorous effect

  • Jefferson

    Okay, I’m blind. What do their shirts say (the cast of House pic)?

  • Linda B.

    Regarding #4, I just started renting Weeds and am halfway through season 2. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I don’t know why i didn’t start watching it when it first aired.

    Do you know if Showtime generally repeats a season right after it airs, or should i download season 4 when i catch up? I’m hoping for a marathon viewing of season 4 or something like that so i don’t have to wait to rent it or buy the downloads.

  • Jefferson — I’m pretty sure the tshirt that House himself is wearing says “Hope is for Sissies” But I’m not 100% sure.

    Linda B — Not being in the USofA I’m not 100%, but don’t they have Showtime on Demand, where you can watch many of the network’s most popular shows at your leisure?

  • Jefferson

    Thanks Addict!

    I am pretty sure that Showtime will re-air Season 4 after the season is over.

    In fact, I just check the site and it looks like the will re-air the first 3 eps on Labor Day (September 1) and then 1 or 2 episodes a night over the next week / week-and-a-half. Best to get the list of eps of season 4 (epguides.com/weeds) and catch them as they air.

  • Nick.C

    As for your #3 that was Pete Campbell 100percent.He did not like his father that much(his dad hated his job and gave him no respect)and hes always looking for a way up the corporate ladder. Love MAD MEN….
    as for House,can’t we get rid of the new docs?I can’t stand them and i want Chase and Cameron back full time.

  • Gabi

    @ Jefferson: They are all Houseism of all seasons. Here ‘s what the Tshirts say:

    RSL: Admit the past, deny the present
    OW: Everything has a reason
    Kal Penn: Doing things changes things
    Jesse: Don’t blame me, blame my gender (the best of S4 😉
    Hugh: Hope is for sissies
    Omar: Bad mojo is not a diagnosis (lol! I like that ep!)
    Lisa: Don’t trust opinions
    Jennifer: Something is something
    PJ: Be good, get good or give up


  • Linda B.

    TVa – my DirecTV receiver doesn’t allow me to download episodes On Demand. I guess i need a new one 🙁

    Thanks Jefferson! I won’t have to wait too long to catch up. I already started recording season 4 starting w/ episode 7. So, i’ll just keep a lookout for episodes 1-6 on Sept. 1st and 2nd.

  • SeaKo

    The TVAddict likes new promo photos, but what about sharing them with the rest of us in HQ?

    House – S5 Promos – http://www.critictoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=200