First Look: GOSSIP GIRL Season Two

While this TV Addict certainly appreciates the fact that the CW needs to do everything in its power to actually attract viewers to what’s quickly amounting to one of the most over-hyped/under-watched shows in the history of television. I can’t help but feel that the proverbial powers that be are going about it the wrong way.

Now admittedly, I’m no marketing guru. But releasing fifty plus photos in the hopes of generating buzz for GOSSIP GIRL’s second season premiere just seems like a bad idea. As the saying goes, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

I mean take a look at these photos [above]. It doesn’t take THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Leonard or Sheldon to piece together the September 1st two-hour premiere’s major plot points. Heck, at this point I’m pretty sure even Penny would get the gist of it! In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if one took the time to print these photos and arrange them into a nifty little flip book, you’d have virtually the entire episode in the palm of your hands! Anyone have a few hours to kill? Let us know.

  • allie

    You’re right, 50 is excessive. I made it to #30 and gave up. I did like all the Chuck/Blair pics. Clearly Blair is pi$$ed at him but I’m guessing she’ll get over it after a while. I hope the roses Chuck was holding are for Blair. Can’t wait for the premiere. Less than 1 month to go now – yay!

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  • Charles

    Oh geez! What is wrong with this network? Daniel, do you know who’s in charge of marketing over there? I think he…or…well, she in this case( cause lord know’s men aren’t important to Dawn) need to smacked in the face! Do you remember how well WB marketed and branded their series? Even if they sucked to high heaven, they at least knew how to draw you in. Where are those people and why are they not working!?

    *end of rant

  • Neena

    I agree with you – 50 photo’s is too excessive. A few would have been better IMO.

    As for the show being underwatched. Poor CW try as hard as it might, it just can’t get the viewing figures for any of it’s programmes. Saying that GG does have alot of people downloading it; watching it via I-tunes and Amazon?; if only those figures were taken into account…

    I cannot wait for Sept – yeah GG!!!!

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  • I disagree with all you would be marketers – releasing 50 photos is great! I looked through all of them and couldn’t get enough. Now all I want to do is watch the show as the photos has peeked my interest. It’s a great show with a great cast. Leighton Meester is by far my favorite – she’s incredible!

  • tim wilkins

    I looked at them all. A bit much, but I’m anxiously awaiting the premiere. One comment, “I haven’t seen that much white since a wedding.” lol Wasn’t it “Serial Mom” who said: “No white after Labor Day.” lol No wonder, these rich folks wear it all summer long. lol

  • I can’t watch them!

  • I’m goi9ng to stay away from the photos because between promos and paparazzi shots I’ve seen lots. Sep is around the corner.

  • NikkiHolly

    I fully expect 50 for smallville, supernatural, one tree hill, and reaper. we’ll be lucky if all those shows’ promos combined add up to gossip girl’s.

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  • Um, I’ve been drooling at the pictures… what are you all arguing about? (:P)

  • Nick

    So what’s the fuss? Good pics, good advance promo/buzz. What? Would you rather they release nothing? Geez, you complain when they do, and complain when they don’t.

    And as for those folks who “download” and watch via iTunes or Amazon: What exactly is the point of that? Purchasing each episode for $1.99 x 26 eps. = $52 just to watch TV that’s offered for free on much wider and clearer screens. This whole new technology crap is just that…a racket and crap. And kids, beware…because the more you do it, the quicker your favorite shows will be cancelled. Mark those words.