TV Related Question of the Day

Just out of curiosity, what is more embarrassing for this twenty-something male TV Addict to be caught seeing on a Friday night. SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE or THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2

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  • Linda B.

    Definitely the latter.

  • Sisterhood, by far!

  • Mel

    Traveling Pants for sure

  • scsc

    Clearly it is summer.

    Why don’t you just stay home and watch swingtown…that way your sexuality won’t be questioned…

  • Monkey

    Are you going alone?
    Maybe you should go to a bar instead?

  • showtime

    Definitely Sisterhood!

  • Josh Emerson

    At least you’re out seeing something! This twenty-something male is surfing the net and watching the Olympics opening ceremonies on a Friday night.

    But out of those two, Sisterhood is more embarrassing. Though you could make a case for it if you’re a huge fan of one of the actresses…

  • tim wilkins

    SEX if u have a date. PANTS if you have no shame and don’t care. lol You’re a critic. You have an out. =)

  • I love SotTP2. Go see it with pride (during the day and wearing a hood)

  • Nick.C

    Its got to be Sex in the City.Those chicks are not the best looking bunch.I mean Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a man.If you were going to see Pants you could always say you thought Alexis Bledel or Blake Lively was hot and you just wanted to check them out on the big screen,or you went in hopes one of them got nude in it.

  • Nick.C

    funny question by the way…

  • Jennifer

    I say Pants is the more embarrasing movie to be caught at. SATC at least has a history, and everyone has seen at least one episode of the show when it was still on. Unless you are 13 or female, getting caught at Pants 2 is at best laughable, and at worst creepy. Plus, word on the street is that Pants 2 does not reach the cinematic glory that original Pants broke through:.)