Win PRISON BREAK Season 3 on DVD

prison break dvdIf you were one of the thousands of angry PRISON BREAK fans who swore to never watch the show again following Sara’s untimely ‘death’ — yet now find yourself scrambling to catch up prior to the show’s September 1, two-hour return. Well, the TV Addict is here to help.

In anticipation of the new season, not to mention PRISON BREAK Season 3 being released on DVD this Tuesday August 12. thought we’d make one lucky reader’s day by giving away a free copy of the entire season on DVD. To enter, simply answer the following question in the comments below. How many episodes do you think it will take for Michael and Sara to be reunited.

One winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday August 13th and notified via email. So please be sure to leave a comment with a valid email address.

  • tboc

    Faithful Podcast listner here..

    I think in the 1st episode back they will be brought back together. I kind of skipped the 2nd half of season 3 so I need to catchup, Iam planning on buying it, But it would be cool if I won.

  • laura

    Every spoiler I’ve read says the first episode.

  • mana

    1-2 episodes…

  • allie

    First episode, from what I’ve read. And thank goodness for that; they’ve been apart for far too long!

  • No more than 2 episodes

  • Kim J

    I thik like episode 3-5…maybe build up the aticipation. I missed the last 5 episodes so I was gonna but the dvd to catch up.

  • I’m guessing the end of the first episode.

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  • Jefferson

    3 eppys

  • jenn

    hopefully the first, if not, the second episode! love this show!!

  • WonderJew

    They’ll be reunited by the end of the 2 hour season premiere. That’s where I’d leave it anyway.

  • Amam

    This show is so boring and dull it should be done with already.What a waste of air time! season 4 is rehash of season 1 and 2 horrible.

  • CC

    1st episode I hope!

  • I’m guessing they will see each other in the final seconds of episode One and actually reunite in episode two.

  • hen0219

    3 episodes tops!

  • Heather

    .5 episodes

  • Geri

    Well, shoot, I would’ve guessed sometime around sweeps, but since the other posters say there are spoilers about Ep. 1, I’ll go with that as well.

  • you know who

    They will catch glimpses of each other for for episodes and reunit in the fifth.

  • big prisonbreak fan

    Def the first episode……

  • 3 episodes is my guess.

  • MD

    I would say 6 episodes – or however many episodes it takes to get to November sweeps.

  • Hil

    The first one. Because as someone who stopped watching after they got rid of Sara that is the one episode I’ll give them to get it back on track (and if it is good enough I might be inclined to catch up with what happened in the previous season).

  • Nick.C

    NEVER thought she was dead(and i said this back when it happened on this site)in the first place.It was easy to see.Link never looked at the head and L.J. said he only heard it.Never saw it…I will guess no later than ep 3.I think this show is a lot of fun!

  • Cris

    For me it will be the third episode. I can almsot see the build up within the first two! But i am pretty excited 🙂

  • jerry_beck

    i think it would be 6-8 episodes…finale of the autumn screening

  • 2 episode I think – I hope.

  • Jess

    I think it’ll be dragged on from episode 1-3. Build anticipation. Cause isn’t the first epi a 2hour our is that wishfull thinking on my part.

  • Jordan

    I think they’ll reunite within the season premiere two-hour block.

  • Nelson

    I would also have to go with the first episode. They’ll probably build up to it and at the very last seconds of the episode, they’ll be reunited in some dramatic way. 🙂 At least that’s my guess…

    ::crossing my fingers for the contest lol::

  • Lore

    Probably by the end of the first episode. I can’t wait for the new season to start!

  • Nicole

    I also think they will see each other before the end of episode 1.

  • verry exciting to found out that shara is still alife or dead cause i know she is!!!waiting for the next season!!

  • Alio

    Most likely the end of the first episode since it is a two hour premiere 🙂

  • Pat

    Last shot of the first episode. For sure.

  • Andrew

    I would want them to take at least a few episodes….for suspense and buildup but my vote goes for the first episode…or second at latest. however long it takes to reattach the head. lol

  • Fridolizer

    In the very first minutes of the first episodes. right bevore the Intro