In Support of Donna Martin Dropping Out of 90210

tori spelling donna martinAfter surviving an overbearing mother who makes Bree Van de Camp look relaxed. An endless string of embarrassing Halloween costumes [who remembers the classic mermaid outfit from season one?]. Not to mention almost not being allowed to graduate high school after getting drunk on half a glass of champagne, you’d think television’s longest standing almost virgin could catch a break.

But unfortunately, life doesn’t always play out, well like our favorite zip code. Expecially after news got out this morning that original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Tori Spelling just receive the Hollywood equivalent of a Ray Pruit smackdown. Well, not literally. Because lord knows Donna Martin suffered enough at the hands of her one-hit wonder abusive boyfriend [Bonus points if you know the name of the one-hit song]. But I digress.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily and later confirmed by E! Online’s Kristin, Tori Spelling has opted out of appearing in the CW’s highly anticipated 90210 re-boot upon discovering that co-stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were commanding upwards of $30,000 more per episode guest stint than her.

To wit, this TV Addict has three words he never [ever] thought he’d utter —”You Go Girl!”

Not only is her reality TV show TORI & DEAN HOME SWEET HOLLYWOOD currently Oxygen’s number one rated show. Spelling’s a best selling author [sTORI Telling] and a tabloid mainstay thanks to her sordid personal life. In other words, the artist formerly known as Donna Martin is arguably a bigger star than both Shannen and Jennie combined. And thus, deserves far more than the insulting offer the CW bean counters have put on the table.

“Equal Pay for Equal Play” may not be quite as catchy as “Donna Martin Graduate.” But on short notice, it’s the best slogan this TV Addict could come with. Who’s with me?

  • Not really interested in this show, just wanted to be the first to mention the song I believe was called “How Do You Talk to an Angel.” And I think there was originally another show called “The Heights” that he was supposed to star in, which that song was the theme for. Don’t remember what happened to that show.

  • tim wilkins

    who’s got the higher Q rating? Is it based on that? Perhaps 2 is enough for the new spin off right now. I was never a big Donna fan. I could see why they’d think she was worth lesser in that vein. Sounds like old times at “90210” to me.

  • My general feeling is that Shannen and Jennie will always be bigger stars than Tori. And frankly, I didn’t want Donna on the show if David wasn’t with her. But I’m a fan of fairness so I understand why she’d opt out.

  • And yes, How Do You Talk to An Angel was Ray’s song and them for The Heights which had an embarrassingly short run on Fox.

  • I thought the title of the post meant that you were supporting the producers and having Donna out and I was ready with my defence but alas, you said almost everything I was going to say!

  • Neena

    I agree with you TVAddict – she should get the same pay as everyone else. I’m sad that she won’t be in the new 90210 – Donna was my favourite character.

  • KaeDee

    Tori should definitely get the same pay, especially since she actually stayed with the original 90210 till the end, unlike Shannon Doherty. It’s just insulting to monetarily say she isn’t worth as much as the other two, when that premise is arguable. Well done, Tori. You don’t need to sweat not appearing before the paltry audience numbers at The CW. You probably have more viewers on Oxygen.

  • BHcolin

    about the pay — I may be wrong, but Tori’s role wasn’t to be as large as Jennie’s right. I’m think Jennie Garth is on the show in a recurring basis where as Tori would of just popped up maybe once or twice. I didn’t eve think it sounded like she’d get a story but you’d see one of the newbies pop into her store or something– maybe I’m crazy and making up whole storylines in my head —-mmmmmm cause I’m am excited about the whole 90210 reboot. And then it seems like Shannon has a story arc of at least three episodes. If this is the case I can see a difference in pay. I mean from the sounds of it (less pay) Tori would be doing as much — if they all three had equal parts in the show then yeah equal pay, but if she was to have a smaller role then I’d understand giving her less money

    And as much as I’d love to see Donna back in BH, I would want David along with her. Cause I know they would be together forever cause their love was just that true! So if it was her just at her store fine- but see that wouldn’t work cause Kelly and Donna would need scenes cause I know they stayed friends (and they’re in-laws).
    God, I loved 90210. Really spent way too much of my live watching that show but I always felt that connection with them. I remember the Donna Martin graduates episode was on a few weeks before I graduated high school and there was some mix up and we thought a friend was a credit short so we made up signs and put up around the school “let … graduate”. And even though the years no one dared call me during 90210. I even got a sympathy card from a friend when the show ended. God, good times.
    Anyways I excited. I just hope they handle the Kelly/Dylan issue well, cause last we left I thought those two could make it.

    sorry for going on and on

  • Nick.C

    I could care less about the kids.(they all look to be in their 20s and not an original one in the bunch)The old cast for me is where its at.I wish they could have gotten them all back.Or at least one of the guys.What the h*ll is Ian Ziering up to.I was a big fan of the old show and the new one is not looking to good….I always thought they should have spun Dylan off into his own show where he traveled the U.S. solving crimes with his comic side kick Steve.You could call it McKay Mysteries…Ok ,i have had to much coffee,but a boy/man can dream.

  • TV girl

    I’M WITH YOU!!! Bring Donna back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!