MY BOYS: Why You Should Watch

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By: Lori Kapes [Special Guest Contributor]

File this under Better-Late-Than-Never [like Britney Spears’ menstruation period, yeah I went there].

The TBS show MY BOYS may have ended its second season this past Thursday, but that shouldn’t stop you from tuning in to reruns in the meantime. This TBS original sitcom is the first critically acclaimed cable network show since the debut of USA’s MONK. Ok, maybe not.

I know you’ve recently been preoccupied with figuring out how singer Katy Perry gets away with such a salaciously catchy song like “I Kissed a Girl” [admit it you like it] or maybe you’re fascinated by how Michael Phelps manages to keep that little Speedo on. Well I’m here to give you a short little run down on MY BOYS and why you should watch.

The series started in November of 2006 with the introduction of a group of friends consisting primarily of testosterone and not so much estrogen that meet to play poker or talk over drinks at a local bar. One of the two ovary-baring individuals is PJ Franklin, the main character, she’s got the girl next-door looks with a “one of the boys” attitude which is bolstered by the fact that she is a sports journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Her homies are comprised of an ex-boyfriend (Michael Bunin), her older brother [played by comedian Jim Gaffigan!], a college fling/friend (Reid Scott), a co-worker (Jamie Kaler), a fellow sports journalist/potential lover (Kyle Howard), and her only female friend (Kelle Stewart).

Yes, there are no big name stars or familiar faces besides Gaffigan’s, but trust me you should take this in to account while watching. The unfamiliarity is key here because this is a group of actors who flow together with the shows kick-you-while-your-down dialogue and quick/witty one liners. The first season mostly revolved around PJ while she did insightful voice-overs that teetered on sounding like sports announcements with all the baseball jargon thrown around. This season the show focuses more on the guys outside of the bar and PJ wasn’t jumping from guy to guy.

This half hour sitcom comes complete with the occasional awkward moment and just enough guy humor coupled with female sensibilities. It’s perfection for a lazy summer night. In the midst of a block of reruns you can catch a rerun of this week’s episode this Tuesday night (Aug. 12th) at 11pm.

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  • Tracie

    Kenny (Michael Bunin) is PJ’s ex? I know that she dated Bobby (Kyle Howard) for a bit in the beginning of the first season and had thing with with Brenden (Reid Scott) in College – and a quick thing with him again at the mid-season finale of season 1 but I don’t recall them ever mentioning her being involved with Kenny.

    I really like how in Season 2 they started to move away from the baseball analogy monologues at the beginning (and during) the episodes and really started to put the main focus on their friendships and not her job.

    Season 1 is also out now on DVD. They did a split season last year -so I’m assuming that that’s what they’ll be doing this year too so that when it comes back in a few months – it will actually be part of Season 2 still.

  • andi

    It’s funny that you posted this story right after (the day after in fact) I tried to get started on it! After all your coverage I was going to see about watching an episode or two but can’t find it online in its entirety other than at iTunes and I don’t want to shell out on a show I don’t know if I even like. I am not residing in the U.S. and have no access to a television on a regular basis. If anyone can help out great but otherwise it will be put aside like Sports Night until I can find it all to watch. Thanks for covering great TV.

  • Stella

    This is one of the most overlooked shows on television. My Boys and The Middleman are two great new shows that seem to be getting no attention. They’re both hilarious and well written. It’s a shame.

  • Lori Kapes

    This is in response to Tracie’s comment. I found it a little hard to believe too, but there was a season 1 recap they played prior to the start of season 2 that gave some background info on how the guys know PJ. As far as this season being split in two, like the first, I don’t know if that’s the way it’s going but I hope so (according to this was the season 2 final but there were only 9 episodes).
    I definitely loved the direction this season took, not that I didn’t love the first season, but with less focus on the baseball lingo/ PJ’s job and more focus on their lives it was certainly a step up. They did keep up with the hilarious banter, though, which I love love love about this show.

  • Thank you for tauting the wonderfulness that is My Boys. I love this show. It’s always funny and insightful and it had some of my best laugh out loud moments this summer.

  • Stef

    This show is soooo underrated. I agree, check if out if you haven’t yet!

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