Thomas Dekker & Summer Glau Talk TERMINATOR Season 2

thomas dekker summer glau

Hoping to give fans a second chance to jump on the bandwagon, FOX has made the savvy decision to re-run the entire first season of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CHRONICLES this week.

And to celebrate two words that rarely find their way into a sentence together. You know, ‘FOX’ and ‘Savvy’ [seriously, will the bitterness over FIREFLY’s cancellation ever end?], this TV Addict thought today would be the perfect opportunity to run our recent conversation with TERMINATOR stars Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau. Who took a few minutes following their panel at the recent San Diego Comic Con to talk to the media.

Thomas Dekker: Hey, I love, how are you?

The TV Addict: I’m great thanks. You know, it would really help me out if you repeated “I love” [as I record it for posterity!]

Thomas Dekker: I love the TV addict. No really. You’ve given me some great coverage.

The TV Addict: I guess that’s what happens when I actually put your words in context and don’t make stuff up.

Thomas Dekker: It’s amazing. Usually I’ll say something and say ‘just kidding’ only to discover later on that whomever is interviewing me miraculously left out the ‘just kidding’ part. [See Milo/HaydenGate 2008]

Even though let’s face it, I could talk about your love for all day, we probably should get down to business [as I sense that some of my fellow journalists sitting across the table actually want to talk about the show!] Talk about John Connor growing some cajones this season?
Thomas Dekker:
Thank the Lord finally. Last season I purposely wanted to play the role weak. Have John hide behind his hair like a weak kid, even though we [and by ‘we’ Dekker refers to himself and showrunner Josh Friedman] knew it would frustrate people who wanted to see this savior. So in the second season we’re going to see him emerge.

John doesn’t want to feel anymore. Especially after going through this huge ‘thing’ that I cannot disclose. Pretty much, a bunch of things will happen at the beginning of the season that completely change him. John’s a different person who learns that in a way, he will have to be a machine of himself.

So it would be fair to say that the levels of action and stunts increase exponentially this season?
Thomas Dekker:
Oh yeah. It’s important. I fight people, I shoot them, I’m definitely doing things I wasn’t doing last season. But keep in mind, there’s more ways than just shooting things to show you’re fighting back.

Can you talk about your hair?
Thomas Dekker:
The hair thing is weird because a lot of people asked if my hair [Dekker is sporting a far shorter haircut than season one] is for the show or a movie. Over the hiatus, I did a movie [MY SISTERS KEEPER] where I had to shave my head and eyebrows to play a cancer patient. So I called Josh Friedman, because I knew from day one we’ve always wanted to have the long hair cut off as another way of showing the stripping away of John’s identity. So it just worked out.

[Summer Glau walks by and pats Dekker on the head]

Summer Glau: I love it, it’s great.

Thomas Dekker: I don’t know how I feel about it.

So what’s in store for Cameron this season?
Summer Glau:
After ‘blowing up’ in the season finale, Cameron is more unpredictable then ever. Jon, who starts to have issues with Cameron protecting them starts to pull away and that’s something she’ll really struggle with. Cameron starts to feel jealous in a way that robots cant feel jealousy. Her whole purpose in life is to protect John and when John takes that away from her she’s lost.

How much can Cameron evolve?
Summer Glau:
I really want to stay true to what a Terminator is and what it should be. But when I took the role I really had the feeling that we were going to go further than any Terminator had before and I think that’s one of Josh’s [Friedman] goals. To see how far we can take Cameron. We’ll be exploring Cameron’s origins this season.

Thomas Dekker: That’s my favorite episode of season two.

Summer Glau: Mine too.

Thomas Dekker: It’s the best script we’ve had so far.

Summer Glau: I’m so excited about it. It was some of the most challenging acting I’ve ever done.

Thomas Dekker: Episode four, you’re going to love it.