The TV Addict Checks One Off His Bucket List

With the exception of here, here and here, it’s not often that this TV Addict interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to toot his own horn. That said, it’s even less often something this cool happens.

[Cue Shameless Self Promotion]

Take a look at the pull quotes [industry speak for quotes networks and studios pull from the media to promote their wares] that recently appeared in an official FOX press release touting the new J.J. Abrams series FRINGE. Notice anything familiar?

“I was gripped and entertained from beginning to end.”

“Do I want to watch another one? Definitely. I’ll be surprised if I see a better pilot…for this fall.”

“The pilot script and story is very compelling.”

“J.J. Abrams’ FRINGE Brings ‘X-Files’ Weirdness Back to FOX.”

“Worth a season pass? Yes. An ‘X-Files’ with the mythology laid out from the get-go, FRINGE promises to ride grody special effects, the chemistry of its oddball trio, and Lance Reddick’s basso profundo to the genre promised land. After watching the pilot, we can only say: More, please.”

“I’d be shocked if we see another fall pilot this year as good as this one. Scary, funny, suspenseful and super-slick FRINGE will fire imaginations and, like the three Abrams-scripted pilots before it, leave viewers craving more.”

“FRINGE is officially the must see new show of the fall.”

Rest assured, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That is indeed “THE TV ADDICT” listed among such media luminaries as Time Magazine, Variety, New York Magazine and Ain’t Cool News. Check one off the Bucket List!

Next up, my long-awaited lunch(s) with J.J. Abrams, Darren Starr, Ronald D. Moore and Greg Berlanti, a BROTHERS & SISTERS walk-on role as a long-lost Walker cousin and helping to shepherd NBC’s WEST WING re-boot starring President Santos. Stay Tuned…

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  • Krystal

    Nice! I SO wish NBC would’ve done the West Wing with Santos. That would have rocked. But I still miss John Spencer too much to even watch the old stuff =(

  • Krystal,

    In the category of actors who I never actually knew, John Spencer is hands down the saddest death of them all. The man just seemed like the most decent human being on the face of the planet, and his portrayal of Leo McGarry never failed to disappoint.

  • I have all seven seasons of West Wing on DVD and periodically I start with Season One and watch them all the way through. I would so have been there if they’d continued with a President Santos White House and I’d have loved to see Josh as Chief of Staff. I miss John Spencer still and his death onscreen and off are still moving to me.

  • Meeting with Darlton isn’t on your list Mine is lunch with Darlton and guest role on any J.J. Abrams show (present or future), and entire day with Joss Whedon going to meetings, sets and looking at comics. And writing that out made me realize that I am a huge nerd.

  • Congrats buddy! Last I checked neither of your “competition” had reviews quoted in official studio press releases!