Is TVGuide Asleep at the Remote?

A full six days after Michael Ausiello posted his exclusive scoop that the hardest working man in showbiz, Regis Philbin has agreed to guest star in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s second episode of the season —TVGuide decides to report the exact same thing.

Which begs the obvious question, is anyone else thinking that since Ausiello’s shocking departure, TVGuide has simply given up. Because at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of tomorrow’s TVGuide Headlines read, “GOSSIP GAY: Guess Who’s Coming Out!” and “BREAKING LOST NEWS: They Get Off the Island”

Special Thanks to Reader Tim G. for the headline!

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  • Mohammad

    I completely agree.

    TV Guide is going downhill fast, I don’t even visit them anymore unless I need concrete information on something like a schedule for the fall. Cutting the podcast was a bad idea too.

    It really just fell apart after Ausiello left. They have nothing to report that hasn’t already been reported over at Ausiello or Kristin.

  • theo

    I agree, with the Podcast and Ausiello…Its not looking good. I used to visit daily, and now i have almost forgot about it…

  • Mohammad and Theo,

    Completely agree about the Podcast. As I’ve alluded to in earlier posts, killing the Podcast was the biggest mistake in years.

  • Mike

    I’m with you guys on the podcast, but not on the original post. Why wouldn’t TV Guide make mention of this? If CNN reports something, does USA Today ignore it? No way. Sure, it could have been a little sooner, but once it’s not exclusive, it’s done, and this isn’t exactly a big story (and I love HIMYM).

  • Nick

    Call me a rebel, but I’m not into podcast and vodcasts at all. I’m very busy and like to QUICKLY scan thru items of interest, not have to sit thru a 5-minute interview, which may or may not contain anything worthwhile.

    Kristin on E!, in particular, has just gone off the deep end with the v-cast interviews. Who has time to sit thru all those things? C’mon, do some actual “reporting,” and break it down for those of us who don’t need the fluff.

    Ausiello thinks he’s some sort of video star now, because there’s much more of his stupid antics than actual scoop in his weekly video. How about we just leave video for the TV, and put your mind & fingers to good use in jotting down some actual news online, okay?

  • Nick

    I completely appreciate your opinion and agree wholeheartedly on video. Even though I coincidentally just posted a video of Jennie Garth, I too am not a huge fan and think web sites in general have gone completely overboard on producing video.

    That said, a podcast is something you can listen to you while in your car or walking the dog – two things I spend an inordinate amount of time doing.

    More importantly. The podcast really gives you a window into the personality behind the writers and in the case of TVGuide, was invaluable in building their brand online.

  • TV Dinner

    I agree with the consensus. The end of the podcast was the beginning of the end of TV Guide as a source for TV information. Will the last one out turn off the lights…

  • Bob

    My guess is that TV Guide was reporting the press release that CBS sent out yesterday about Regis’ appearance, which offered details that Ausiello didn’t have.

    TV Guide, I’m guessing, didn’t want to pick up its ex-employee’s report, so they just waited until the offiicial announcement from CBS.

  • Matt Roush is still there so I’m still reading the TV Guide website