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After witnessing an absolute train wreck of a Q&A with the cast of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER backstage following last weeks TEEN CHOICE AWARDS, this TV Addict finally found the impetus to take the plunge, shell out $1.99 on iTunes and check out the pilot episode of the ABC Family hit summer show. I mean could the show possibly be as ‘entertaining’ as the cast’s botched press conference?

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

From the “wasn’t that cool-three-years-ago” Avril Lavigne song that opened the show, to the seemingly never-ending series of trademark Brenda Hampton lectures on subjects ranging on everything from dress codes and abortion, to religion, abstinence and abuse, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER was exactly what I expected. An unintentionally hilarious after-school special/public service announcement hybrid that is quite possibly secretly funded by some sort of religious group or pro-family organization. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

What’s worse, I’m kind of, err… sort of… umm… curious as to what’s going to happen next.

Will Amy’s parents lose it when they discover what happened at Band Camp? Does Ben finally get acting lessons lucky? Will Ricky fall for Grace and change his philandering ways? And most importantly, will “left wing Hollywood” ever stop painting Band Camp as a pit of social depravity and promiscuity!

I suppose time will tell. But until then, this TV Addict would like to pose this interesting question. Is THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER officially the best worst show in the history of television? Or is it far too early to be passing the torch from 7TH HEAVEN?

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  • Patrica

    I gave this show a try. I watched some episodes here and there if it caught my interest or just changed the channel.

    This show is awful. They say that this show is supposed to represent how high school is accurately, but honestly it doesn’t. Yes, every teenager talks about sex and has a sexual encounter, but honestly! The writing is horrible and the situations just as bad. I honestly don’t know what they are promoting besides that if you have sex without a condom your eggo is preggo, but it doesn’t make me feel for the kids or for the parents. The acting is horrible, people claim the show is great, but it is only because it has the theme “sex” and “teenager”. If you put those two words together, you get a following like American Pie. The only difference: American Pie was outrageously funny and the acting superb.

    So, they tried introducing some wanna-be kid actors in there, but they don’t draw me in. They aren’t some diamond-in-the-rough young adults.

    If they were going to introduce sex into practically all the equations, they need to get dirtier in a much more appropriate tone. Boys and girls do openly talk about sex, but not to every detail. And if they want to cover something, why not date rape, drugs, relationship abuse, and teen angst. They definitely failed at teen angst because at that age you feel so miserable not knowing who you are and sometimes the depression can get disturbing in some people. Whenever they decide to actually make me feel sorry for the kids and be able to put myself in their situations and feel for them, then I will give this TV show another try.

  • daniela

    this show iis good i really love it ..

  • Anthony

    I have seen one episode of this show and I cant understand how any intelligent person would submit themselves to watching this show. I heard the word sex more times in this show between 15 and 16 year old kids than I have in my entire life. What morals does this espouse to the kids (my 13 year old sister included) who watch the show? And on ABC FAMILY nonetheless. At a stage where kids should be expanding their mind and beginning to understand the world they live in, this is what they are being shown.

  • heult34

    This song is a complete embrassment to teenagers and a disgrace of a show i began to watch it and at first it seemed pretty interesting but then after a while the episodes and the acting got corney the lines are repeative its always the same thing over and over again sex this sex that amy's attutide is horrible everything is to dramatic and i think that you should make the show more relatable something like an episode about sports, school,being class president,stealing from your mom lol i dont know soemething that isnt the same thing i give it a thumbs down

  • heult34

    this show is so corney the acting the characters are dumb everything is stupid why couldnt they make it like the next degrassi

  • heult34

    me i honestly agreee with your statement like what i noticed was the strong streotypes that was added to it such as griffen i mean im friends with some gays and honestly homosexuals dont act like that the things they say are so dam corney it makes me embrased to watch it even the theme song suck add something cool and their promoting kids at the school on signs and protesting that masterbating is great and then you see a bunch of kids doing it wtf? thats gross promot school president come on thats just some kind of nasty

  • heult34

    i think kids shouldnt be having sex at all think of the diseases out there teen pregnacy its discuting if you boyfriend or girlfriend loves you like he said he does then he or she should at least understand and you guys should wait other wise dont be in a relationship if thats the case

  • Libraswirl

    I like the idea of the show, it's great, but the acting and the writing is AWFUL! The worst actor is Amy's dad!!! He is so PREDICTABLE. Also Ashley, she acts horribly! And Madison and the other friend act DISGUSTINGLY!!! I agree with a lot of the comments, like the one that says, were there NO AUDITIONS! I'm a teen in high school and I CRINGE everytime I see this show. Don't you?

  • Nic

    Now before i start, i do not have high expectation of tv shows. I watch reality tv and pretty much any teen/young adult drama/comedy out there.

    I hate this show with a burning passion. It hurts so bad. Normally if i dont like a show i just dont watch it. But here i am searching google to talk about how bad this show is. Im not american so i dont know, but PLEASE tell me that american teens dont talk like that! No-one talks about just having sex as if they were talking about cars. It has inuedo and laughing and fake macho gloating. I have seriously never been more bored hearing about sex. And teens (boys and girls) who have been dating less than three months are terrified of saying “love”. These people say it about 7 minutes after they meet someone pretty.

    The script is so bad. When im watching a show it offends me to know i could do better, i have no interest in writing a tv show and somehow these people are paid to do this. Its hard to judge the actors because of how bad the script is. But needless to say the actors arent good. I just feel sorry for them that they have to read that awful, unrealistic script. Have the writers never heard of the word 'it'? “If i want to have sex with amy then i will have sex will amy” Just say “i will”. They repeat everything. No-one with a fully functioning brain talks like that. See, “that” another way of not repeating youself.

    I mean shes pretty but India (ashley) is SUCH a bad actress.
    Have you noticed among the other hideous flaws how bad the camara angles are. When someone is talking its just a shot of their face from about 3 feet away. THATS THEIR ONLY ANGLE. And no matter how serious a scene is they have the EXACT same music at the end of it!

    I just showed more emotion in that rant than the combined total shown in this entire sorry excuse for a show.

    Ahh i feel a tiny bit better. I cant believe Kyle XY got cancelled for this.

  • Pinkberry1993

    this show is terrible!! they do not focus on teen sex and pregnancies. it's unrealistic, i use to love this show but now i hate it!! people who watch this show aren't focusing the main parts of this show theyre to busy focusing on Ricky and Amy getting together.

  • Cortneymae0

    i am absolutely obsessed with this show. i think the concept is bad about the whole band camp always being the reason for virginity loss and all that and all the religious stuff is kind of odd but i cant stop watching it i havent missed a single episode and i even record the marathon at the end of the season i cant stop watching it

  • Cortneymae0

    i used to love this show as well i still watch it but its starting to just make me mad! how they r turning ben into an @$$hole i love the whole amy and ricky getting back together but the show is just getting irritating

  • jj23

    TVaddict sucks!

  • maria


  • Katerina

    This is a ridiculous show 😛 I mean Ben marries every girl that falls into his way, Ricky sleeps with all the females in the school, everybody haves sex and gets pregnant, I mean what the heck!

  • Anonymous

    This show is a complete and utter disgrace.   The dialogue is pathetic and sophomoric.  The kids are idiots and the parents are knuckleheads.  The showrunner, producers and writers of this show should not only be fired but they should be marched across the border.  Shailene Woodley should leave this show ASAP and go make more movies.

  • Desiree

    You need to learn English and proper conjugation of words because you sound like an idiot.

  • Desiree

    They all suck. The worst are the bimbos who play lauren madison amy and alice. Ugh, puke.