Exclusive: PRISON BREAK Death Shocker!

prison break spoilers

Just when you thought it was safe to return to your favorite show, this TV Addict arrives with a warning.

Rest assured, “Prison Break Death Shocker!” is not a desperate attempt to attract your attention. I mean we’re talking the internet here. If eyeballs were my only concern, I’d have posted a title like “[Insert your favorite celebrity] Nude.” Seriously. You would not believe whay people spend their time at work googling. Today alone, visitors to the site have already found theTVaddict.com by searching “Mary Louise Parker Nude”, “Chace Crawford Hot” and “Jensen Ackles Girlfriend.” But I digress.

Being one of the lucky few journalists who have had the privilege of viewing the fourth season premiere of PRISON BREAK, this TV Addict just wanted to take a moment to remind fans not to get too comfortable. This is after-all the show where anything can happen, and often does.

That being said, back to the warning. One [and quite possibly two] of your favorite characters [pictured above] will be dead by the conclusion of PRISON BREAK’s two-hour premiere [Airing on FOX September 1, 2008]. I’ll leave it to you guys to debate as to whom the unlucky victim, or victims are.

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  • 7bf

    they will kill sarah again 😉

  • jess

    that new girl sofia and probably Lechero. Anybody else would be a bad move.

  • jess

    sarah’s not in the picture so she is safe.

  • Jess,

    Just to make things a little more interesting. Lechero is not one of the victims. And just to alleviate a little fear, obviously neither is Michael or Lincoln or Sara [again!]

  • I know the answer! The person who dies is…{***Sound of Company assassin’s bullet hitting my skull***}

  • John K.

    Forget The Company. My frustratingly vague post is in fear of a FOX publicist pulling the trigger if I were silly enough to spill the surprise!

  • Nick.C

    im going to say its Amaury Nolasco(Sucre )I think hes a very likable character and his death would hold more weight.Plus his movie career seems to be moving along so it would free him up….If its T-Bag i will be pissed.

  • Tanya

    Well Lechero’s already dead, Sara has been signed to appear in the full series, won’t be T-Bag hes got the book which apparently plays a big part though out the series, Grechan is still alive and kicking in episode 5 so its not her, Sucre gets shot in episode 8 but survives so ive read, my guess is Mahone as i read he was thinking about leaving the show, second guess is Whistler.

  • jenny

    i think it’s Bellick and definitely Whistler cuz the guy’s in another show and his promo pic fr season 4 is one of season three….so def whistler, and someone else…

  • allie

    Sofia and Whistler. I highly doubt they’d kill Sucre after the whole Sara fiasco. I think TPTB learned their lesson, but I guess we’ll see.

  • Mohammad

    Whistler is going to die for sure.

    Why else wouldn’t he be in this badly-photoshopped (look at their shoes! yikes!) picture?


  • Ale

    So can anyone tell me asap, is there a season 4 for prison break?? when is the season premier??? please anyone update me!

  • Chris

    I’m not buying this article. The picture is for Season 3.

    Lechero is already dead. Sofial isn’t in the picture for Season 4 and I heard Whistler probably won’t be in Season 4 much. I’m not sure Mahone is doing the whole season either.

  • It’s obviously Whistler and Sofia. They’re the only two regulars who were living at the end of the S3 finale and aren’t in the S4 cast picture.
    I’m over this. I’m more worried about whether Mahone’s family will die.

  • Tanya

    In reply to Ale’s message, there is a season 4 it is aired with a two hour premiere on Sept 1st at 8pm.

  • rickeyricksricky

    Like others have said, they’re Whistler n’ Sofia.

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