Yet Another Reason to Love 90210’s Jennie Garth [Video]

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Call me a naive starry-eyed TV Addict. But I genuinely believe Jennie Garth when she says [in the above video] that she’s returning to 90210, “to give something to the old audience, to the original audience of the original 90210.” And that her primary goal is to, “keep them happy.”

I mean talk about a refreshing change of pace from the usual self-indulgent television stars we’re so unfortunately used to. Jennie Garth seems actually grateful to the audience that is responsible for her career, fame and fortune.

Memo to Katherine Heigl and any and all actors hoping to one day “make it big.” It’s TV Stardom 101 folks — I hope you’re taking notes.

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  • Currently, in Poland reruns of “What I Like About You” are shown and with every episode I love Jennie more.

    What’s more, actually, I’m the one who is going to watch the new 90210 only to see what has happened to the old folks.

  • Nick

    Love Jennie. Such a nice lady. And she’s terrific in What I Like About You. Really has a flair for comedy, right along with Amanda.

    She will be a most welcome and wonderfully appreciated addition to this version of 90210, and I only hope that Shannen (in particular) and Tori make it a regular gig, as well…not just three episodes here or there. Get Shannen involved with Jessica Walter somehow (as a new talent agent or casting Jessica in one of “director” Shannen’s new projects). Those two will be a scream together.

    And for the love of green mustard, c’mon CW, stop playing cheapo with Tori. Sign her, apologize for your stupidity, and get her on the show. Some of the other former stars are wanted, as well. Don’t drop the ball on this one, CW, or it could cost you the whole network.