Friday Fun: TV Word Association

gossip girl ads

Taking a page from our friends over at, this TV Addict was inspired by GOSSIP GIRLS’ recent round of risk√© one sheets [see above] and thought we could all have a little fun killing some time at work prior to the start of the weekend by playing a little game I like to call “Word Association.” Admittedly not the world’s most original title, but it’s 4PM on Friday, and frankly, I’m tired.

Step 1: Take a look at the GOSSIP GIRL ads above and think about what shows you might otherwise associate lines like, “Every Parent’s Worse Nightmare” with.

Step 2: Click the link below and see if your guesses matched with those of the TV Addict.

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  • TVFan

    Hey TVA,

    Thanks for helping me countdown the minutes until my office clock strikes 5PM. But I gotta say, for “A Nasty Piece of Work” I was thinking more along the lines of Tila Tequila!