MOONLIGHT Fans: Are You Happy Now?

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Now that CBS has taken the ‘bite’ out of MOONLIGHT’s cancellation by signing Alex O’Loughlin to a one year holding deal with the hopes of developing a new starring vehicle for him in partnership with high profile TV Producer Mark Gordon [GREY’S ANATOMY, ARMY WIVES, CRIMINAL MINDS]. This TV Addict feels the need to ask the obvious question. Is a talent holding deal enough to get MOONLIGHT fans back to CBS, if [and when] the Untitled Alex O’Loughlin Project premieres?

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  • kim

    No, I am not happy! Where Alex ends up next makes no difference to me. I am a fan and loyal viewer of the SHOW – not the actor. I want my Mick and Beth back and only then will I be happy and tuning in to CBS. Until then, CBS holds no interest for me….

  • paula

    No, not happy at all. Good for Alex, but I will only tune in to CBS again when/If they bring back Moonlight. I am a fan of the show and the storyline- not the actor.

  • bill

    Not happy at all unless they bring back Moonlight. If they don’t, I doubt very much I will tune in. CBS as a network holds no inteerest for me now. Everything is same old / same old…. In other words, BORING!.

  • Jane

    Not even a little. Good for Alex but it was because of him that I was obsessed witht he show and tuned in week after week.

    I loved the characters and storyline. Unless CBS brings back Moonlight, I have no interest in seeing Alex in another detective series. That’s all CBS seems to air now.. Boring!

  • Rory

    No, I am am not happy and won’t be until they bring back Moonlight. Until then, CBS is being boycotted in my household.

  • luckyLG

    I love Alex and I support him on what ever projects he chooses. MoonLight was an amazing show, and I will never forget it. That show’s success was due to a fantastic cast and crew.
    Alex is very passionate about being true to his roles. I have no doubt he will make his new role an equal success. I will follow him to any project because he is a genuine person. I also believe, his true fans will also follow him and be happy for him as well.
    We love you Alex and we believe in you! Good Luck! 🙂


  • Peter

    No, not happy. I tune in to be entertained by a show – not to follow an actor. So unless CBS brings back Moonlight, I don’t care where Alex goes.

  • Julie

    No, not happy at all. I don’t follow actors. I tune in to watch a show that captures my interest. Moonlight was my escape but if they don’t bring it back, I have no interest in seeing Alex in another one of their never-ending detective shows.

  • No, not really. I would like to see the return of Moonlight.
    I loved the characters that the actors/actresses played
    and the story it’s self. The romance is what kept me in
    tune each week ! I loved the mystery that surrounded
    Josef and wanted to know more about him. While I do
    like Alex , and hope CBS doesn’t screw up his career.
    I want my Moonlight. I will be curious to see what show
    they make for him or put him in if he replaces someone. Other than that I will not be watching CBS !!!

  • MWJ

    I’m sooooo happy for Alex and this opportunity to advance his career! I’m a fan of his for life now and will follow his career wherever it leads! CBS sees his value and potential as well. He brought us a beloved main character and the truth is, Moonlight wouldn’t have been without Alex! I miss Moonlight too, but Alex is more than Moonlight. It’s a part of his past now and all of the actors have to move on. I wish them all well!


    First and Foremost……..YESSSSS This FAN will watch Alex wherever he is on whatever network or show! I am not a fair weather fan, I am Alex’s follower and love ALL his work and own ALL his DVD’s(movies ets.) because he IS THAT GOOD! I like Gina am so surprised and saddened that people don’t want him any other way………a little tunnel vision maybe? You cannot be his fan and supporter and not back the choices he makes, it doesn’t work like that. As a very happy fan I will support him in any and all endeavors he chooses to participate in. I love to watch him work, and at the end of the day that’s how most people found him(working). Moonlight was his rocket that’s catapulting him into stardom, if you really care for this GENEROUS man (like you say you do) and are really on his TEAM, you should revel in his success and support ALL THINGS ALEX O’ LOUGHLIN~~!!



    Beth~~Moonchild*69*~~ 🙂

  • cobby

    I will watch the new show and if it’s good I will continue to watch. If it is bad then I won’t tune in.

    I loved Moonlight and all the characters, story line, sets, etc.

    The “forked tongue witch” cannot be trusted. Alex needs a job for his career and he needs to support himself one way or another. I wish him luck and success….but the witch is hanging on to him so no other network can get him…..I wish nothing but bad things for her.

  • justmick

    Many have already said it better than me but I will follow Alex to whatever he does next and next and next. I am his fan forever and will follow his career. I think he’s the best actor to come along in a long time and I’m anxious to see what he does next.

    Still, whatever Alex does on CBS is the only thing I will watch on CBS.
    I wish Alex on the greatest success and much happiness.
    Alex deserves this and i hope he chose the best deal available to him. This seems to give him some very nice options and will pull even more fans to him.

    Do I miss MOONLIGH?! You bet I do. Do I continue to fight for MOONLIGHT? You bet I do. Alex’s contract is for a year. I don’t think even if MOONLIGHT were brought back in some form that it would happen before that. So who’s to say that Alex might still reprise. Mick St. John for a season or two more. I would love that but I also don’t want him typecast as a vampire. He’s bigger than that. However, MOONLIGHT was Alex and the tremendous chemistry generated with the rest of the cast. I don’t know of any other actor that could do that. So no Alex – no MOONLIGHT for me.

  • Cassopeia

    I don’t know that the “bite” has been taken out of Moonlight’s cancellation. I will cherish all 16 episodes forever. It was and is a wonderful fantasy, but realistically, it was television. Many of my favorite TV shows get cancelled and then there are the ones that stay on the air (same old same old reality cr@p). Nature of the business, I guess.

    I am SOooo excited for Alex!!!!! Hopefully, this will be another terrific stepping stone for his star to shine even brighter!!!! You GO ALEX!!! Good on YA!!

  • Cassopeia

    I don’t know that the “bite” has been taken out of Moonlight’s cancellation. I will cherish all 16 episodes forever. It was and is a wonderful fantasy, but realistically, it was television. Many of my favorite TV shows get cancelled and then there are the ones that stay on the air (same old same old reality junk!). Nature of the business, I guess.

    I am SOooo excited for Alex!!!!! Hopefully, this will be another terrific stepping stone for his star to shine even brighter!!!! You GO ALEX!!! Good on YA!!

  • DimWitte

    While I am a fan of Alex (and Sophia and Jason and Shannyn) and will support and watch him in this new show and anything else he does, I am not entirely happy.

    Nina and the Eye treated the cast and fans of Moonlight abominably, and that cannot easily forgiven. To think that we will appeased by signing Alex to another show is naive at best.

    In Hollywood, out of sight is out of mind, so I am very happy that Alex will be seen. He has the talent and the charisma to become big, and I mean big, like Old Hollywood big–Cary Grant, Lawrence Olivier, Clark Gable, etc. I expect that he will have a long and phenominally successful career, and I will support him every step of the way.

  • I’m very happy.. as are the majority of Alex’s TRUE fans. Sure I loved “Moonlight” but that ship has sailed. Time to move on.. not live in the past. I don’t think that Alex figured that Mick St. John would be the only character he’d ever play.

    I look forward to see what the show developers come up with.. hopefully it will showcase Alex’s talent.. and attract a huge audience.

    I also look forward to other big things in Alex’s future.. he destined for a long career.. and his fans will be there to support him through the entire wild ride!

  • I’m not really happy, I wanted Alex back in Moonlight. It was not only him but all the other actors as well. It was also the story line they had so much potential and CBS blew it. Nina is an idiot. I’m happy for Alex but I’d rather see him in Moonlight!

  • Mary

    Let’s face it: Moonlight was sometimes fun to watch but it was really lacking, esp in the writing and acting department. It lacked the creative thrust Buffy / Angel had, though it wasn’t as pathetic as Forever Knight. I’ve always sensed Alex is better than the material given to him on Moonlight, and I’m glad he may have a chance to prove it now, hopefully in a better show.

  • bunchesofun

    I am quite happy for Alex for this opportunity. Glad that he is moving on to something new. But moving on and going back to playing Mick are not mutually exclusive to one another. Actors frequently do more than one project at a time. Moving forward and taking on other projects does not mean that he couldn’t or wouldn’t play Mick St. John again. I want more Moonlight and I will continue to campaign for more Moonlight in ADDITION to supporting him in his current projects.

  • Sharon

    I will support Alex 100% as I would for Sophia and Jason in their endeavours too.

    I will watch anything that Alex appears in as I am a fan through thick and thin!!, we have hopefully had the thin, now lets try the other.

    I can’t wait to see him back on our screen asap, it’s about time too.

  • alicefaz

    I am so angry that the so called Moonlight fans are taking the matter in such immature manner. Nina took the first punch for merely doing her job because Moonlight was not making in enough ratings according to the network standards. Now they are stabbing the actor who worked his butt off to bring Mick and the show to shine. CBS was the network that gave Moonlight the show a chance, if they did not pick it up in the first place, there would be no Moonlight, there would be no Mick or Beth or Josef or Moonlight fans.Be appreciative of the past and move on already.I just hope all this negativity is not going to affect the actor. I wish O’loughlin the best in whatever rproject he takes and I will watch him because he’s one talented actor..

  • Septbday

    I wish all the cast members of Moonlight every success. Yes, I will watch Alex in his new show. He is an extremely talented actor. I will also watch Sophia, Jason, David and Shannon as well. Smart move on Nina’s part; maybe the losses of 8 million+ viewers made her think twice. BUT I STILL MISS MOONLIGHT!!!

  • Am very pleased for Alex as I feel is such a fabulous actor who deserves to be recognised as such.

    However, I still miss Moonlight immensely and will not cease my support of the show and my campaign for it to be granted it’s warranted season 2. We need Mick/Beth romance and answers to all the loose ends. We need the unexplored storylines to be founded and we need our Alex back at the helm of this wonderful addictive show.

  • ToryE50

    Totally agree with those who say Alex deserves the best of opportunities. He’s that good, and he’ll know what to do with any role he’s given. Now, will Nina and crew suck him in and spit him out again? Don’t know. Is she giving the fans lip service? Could be. But, as others said, anything with Alex in it would be the only thing I’d watch from the Evil Eye network. But especially if they bring back Sophia and Jason as well. I think that would be called… Moonlight?
    Just don’t trust them not to put something decent on, and get it all confused with a reality show when it comes to hitting the “cancel” button, again.

  • Beth

    I wish Alex the best. I have followed his career in movies and I thought he was very good. But as good as Alex is can he resurrect CBS. That’s a tall order even for him. I hope that he will have a vehicle that will show his talent off. But, Nina, you have really alienated a lot of viewers. Canceling Moonlight, Shark, and Journey Man were just more examples of CBS’s short sightness. I for one am head shy about coming back.

  • Lillian

    Moonlight was a show that truly and deeply touched me. And I thank Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, the rest of the cast and crew, and the writers for their hard work and talents. I wish each of the them the very best. Yes, Moonlight fans care about all the cast members, the writers, and the crew.

    I don’t have the patience for “reality” shows. Network procedurals put me sleep. Same old, same old, ensemble dramas. No, thank you.

    I admit I do watch some network TV. I love Heroes, Pushing Daisies, and Chuck.

    You guessed it. I want different. I want inventive. I want intriguing. I want quality writing. I want high production values. I want chemistry between the actors that I can feel when I touch the screen. I want to go on an adventure every week. Moonlight did all that for me. And it made me laugh and cry and care and tune in.

    The characters are still with me. They tell me about their pasts. they perform scenes in my head, and they make guest appearances in my journal. Very few shows do that. Not even the ones I mentioned above.

    I dearly hope that Moonlight is resurrected. But right now I feel as if I’ve lost a friend, someone who understood me and spoke my language. And we were cut off in mid-conversation.

    CBS even on it’s very best day will never again match the magic that Moonlight cast. Unless that day is the day they bring the show back.


  • Joe

    Good luck with that. I don’t think it’s going to make anyone happy, except Mr. O’Laughlin. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got to wrok and I wish him all the success in the world. It’s just that my daughter loved watching Moonlight, not watching a particular actor.

  • Donna

    I am happy that Alex has an offer of work but I never had any doubt that his talent would not be soon discovered. However, the fans of Moonlight want Moonlight back…the whole package of which he is a large part. We love the show that is what we are, and will continue tofight for. CBS is foolish to think they can buy us back this way when all they have to do is just negotiate to bring the show back. Perhaps they should check the stability index on SyBoards.

  • Melissa

    I’m happy for Alex in the sense that he has work. However I am very wary of what CBS and Nina Tassler could do TO his career not FOR it. I think Alex is a great talent and while hope he finds success, I, like many others did not watch Moonlight just for Alex. It was fresh and different. The chemistry between all of the cast was awesome. I have never in 38 years been in love with a show like I am with Moonlight and I will continue to campaign for its return.
    There is nothing else of interest to me on CBS. Like others have said, SSDD. Just boring. I watched Ghost Whisperer and Numbers, but after the way Moonlight fans were treated, I wanted nothing else to do with the network what so ever.
    I saw that some people posted earlier that Moonlight didn’t hold its own. Well it did win its time slot nearly every week as well as the People’s Choice award for best new drama. Oh, but that’s right, CBS doesn’t care about any of that or their viewers. The way that the cast and the fans were treated by the network and that “forked tongued witch” as a previous poster so aptly put, it is absolutely abominable. And to think for a second that keeping Alex would appease Moonlight fans and bring back viewers is just another insult.
    So the answer is NO, I’m not happy.

  • Angela Skjeie

    Moonlight is what would make me happy. Nothing less. I will tune in just to see what type of vehicle CBS comes up with for Alex, but as others have mentioned, if it is not any good, it will not keep my attention. I watched The Shield while Alex was there and didn’t pay much attention to him, but in the role of Mick St. John, he shined bright and kept me enthralled week after week, along with the fellow actors Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannon Sossamon. Moonlight was a great show and I just hope that whatever CBS has in store for Alex, it isn’t a CSI ripoff!

  • No I am not happy. Moonlight was the best show I have watched in a long time. Every character was great their chemistry was great and all of the story lines were great. There are so many directions this show can take. The possibilites are endless. I really hope CBS will re consider and bring back moonlight.

  • I am happy for Alex, absolutely. But what some people seem to be missing is the fact that Moonlight fans were fans of the show, not just of one actor. Unless CBS is bringing Moonlight back, with the complete original cast, well, nope, I won’t be happy.
    I WOULD be willing to settle for a prequel show though…get me some Jason, Alex, and Shannyn and I’ll try to be happy 😉

  • Cara

    I understand that Alex has to move on, but with CBS?! Come on, we have seen what they do. CBS really dropped the ball with canceling Moonlight with this Fall and Winter Season of the Vampire just getting under way. My library branch put out all of it’s “Supernatural Romance” books because there was such a demand from people waiting for Twilight and the genre books. Two other series on Vampires will be out this Fall and CBS had 8 Mill already waiting to see a second season of Moonlight. I was a fan of the show Moonlight. I never heard of Alex before since I don’t have cable and only watch broadcast. I loved the emsemble, the chemistry and the story lines and wanted to see where the writers would take it next. Yes, I will wait and see what they find for Alex to do next but it might be a long wait and in the mean time, all that Moonlight Fans can do is wait for the DVD of the 16 episodes.
    As for the replacement for Moonlight, Ex-List, you have got to be kidding. I only started watching Moonlight because it was on after GW. Same sort of genre there. I bet Ex-List will be DOA and not last two episodes before they come to their senses and realize how insulting that a woman who has been “dating since she left the womb” has to rely on a fortune teller who says she must troll through her discards or she will face a fate worse than death of never being married. Please, is this what women have worked for the last 30 years!?
    Anyway, just add me to the CBS boycott list. Maybe it is childish to not want to be disappointed again or to hold it agianst CBS because they are just “doing business”. I still say I will vote with my feet. If I hear of anything that Alex or the rest of the cast of Moonlight is in, I might take a look but that is all.

  • jennene

    No Moonlight = Not happy! Plain & simple. Not coming back without Moonlight. End of story.
    I do wish Alex all the success & happiness in the world.

  • the title of the thread should have been alex o loughlin fans: are you happy now?
    since it’s not moonlight they’re keeping.
    we, or speaking for myself, moonlight is the whole package of the vampire genre, the whole dynamic and chemistry between the actors especially sophia with alex, and the whole gang including jason even the guy that played guillermo, jacob vargas, and the computer geek logan, david blue.

  • Diva

    It was Moonlight and Mick St John that we were loving…It’s great for Alex but keeping the show and all its wonderful characters are what we are really fighting for. Would someone please bring back MICKBETH!

  • Rod

    Here’s what is really going on, Nina Tessler and CBS signed Alex O’Loughlin to a 1 year contract with no set show, because they know that the Moonlight fans have shown just how many fans of the show there really are. Other networks know this as well, and there is a very good chance that some other network would likely pick up Moonlight as a mid-season replacement. So Tessler signed Alex to keep this from happening. It is unusual for the networks to sign an actor with no set series. Tessler and CBS know that they blew it, and if another network picked it up, it probably would be a huge success and this would exposed them as having tin ears and poor judgement. So they made this move to put the final “nail in the coffin” for Moonlight. Once again they’re putting their egos ahead of the fans. That is why Tessler says that fans really just liked O’Loughlin not so much the show. This is a lie she knows is false. She thinks she can hoodwink the fans so that they will watch his new show and maybe forgive them for their blunder. If only there were someone with a backbone at CBS who could admit they make a terrible mistake, and correct it by bringing back Moonlight.

  • eydie

    it’s not alex o’laughlin, the actor, that i was enamoured of. it was mick st. john, the vampire detective. alex o’laughlin as another character is NOT the same. i can’t be bought as cheaply as mr. o’laughlin apparently can. moonlight was murdered. mick st. john was murdered. the murderer is cbs. i would be less inclined to watch a new show starring o’laughlin than i would just a new show in general. i want mick and moonlight back.