Fall TV Preview 2008: PUSHING DAISIES

pushing daisies fall tv preview 08

When we last visited The Pie Hole: Chuck was left to deal with the fallout from Ned’s confession that he was responsible for her father’s death [Who exactly says honesty is the best policy?] Emerson revealed that he has a daughter while ‘Aunt’ Lily dropped the biggest bombshell of all — that she’s actually Chuck’s mother!

Coming up on PUSHING DAISIES Season 2: At last month’s San Diego Comic Convention, creator Bryan Fuller promised more exotic locales, more adventure and undoubtedly by popular demand, more singing from Kristen Chenowith’s Olive Snook. Also falling under the category of ‘more’ will be guest stars galore. Including EVERWOOD alum Debra Mooney as Emerson Cod’s mother. David Arquette who’s expected to drop by in episode two as Randy Mann, a socially inept man who holds a “special talent” that will connect him to Ned. And NEWSRADIO’s Stephan Root who EW’s Michael Ausiello revealed will play a mysterious person with links to both Ned and Chuck’s fathers.

And speaking of television’s most romantic ‘G’ rated couple. Fuller promises that Ned and Chuck will find new, creative ways to “get cozy” this season and that the DAISIES writer’s room is feverishly working on all kinds of crazy contraptions to make that happen. Oh to be a fly on that writer’s room wall.

Why You Should Watch: The facts are these. Not only does PUSHING DAISIES deserve some serious kudos for actually thinking outside of the box rather than offering up the usual generic spin on your standard lawyer/cop/doctor procedural. This TV Addict really enjoys getting to start of sentences with “the facts are these…” 

PUSHING DAISIES Returns to ABC [and CTV in Canada] on Wednesday October 1, 2008 at 8PM. For a video recap highlighting ‘all of the facts’ from season one,