10 Faces To Watch this Fall

By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

What’s the only thing more exciting than summer? How about the end of summer!

Now don’t me wrong, nothing says fun in the sun, umm… well, like sun. But as my fellow TV Addict’s can no doubt attest to, September does have its advantages. Namely season premieres and the return of some of our favorite stars.

So with that in mind, I present ten new faces [and some old faces in new characters] to swoon over watch come Fall 2008.

simon bakerSimon Baker: I fell in love with Simon in old HOME AND AWAY episodes that my cousin had on VHS for some reason. My love grew more when he was on THE GUARDIAN, one of those CBS shows that doesn’t get enough credit. He showed up for a few episodes of the blink and you missed it robbery drama SMITH. But now he’s back on CBS in THE MENTALIST, my favorite pilot that I’ve seen so far. He’s witty, sharp, pained, smart, gorgeous, and troubled all in one fun ball. This is a great role in a great show, and I hope that he gets the chance to seriously prosper at CBS.

paula marshallPaula Marshall: Who doesn’t love Paula Marshall? Notorious in the TV community as a “show-killer” having been on one too many shows that died before their time, she’s back this season with a role as Jay Mohr’s ex wife on GARY UNMARRIED. I liked what I saw of her in the pilot and I enjoy seeing her back on TV! I remember her most from CUPID (which is being re-introduced on ABC sometime this year, possibly); she also had memorable roles on VERONICA MARS and NIP/TUCK!

josh jackson fringeJosh Jackson: It’s like a Christmas gift that came early. Pacey Witter back on my TV set on a weekly basis? It’s the best Fall-TV gift a girl could ask for! Josh Jackson is on FOX this year in their fantastic new show FRINGE. He’s the same old Josh/Pacey (whether he’ll admit it or not) as the sarcastic guy who acts like he’s too removed from the situation to care very much, but who in the end proves to be exactly what everyone needs. I can’t say enough about him. He’s awesome.

joanna garcia privilegedJoanna Garcia: You know me – you know I watch REBA reruns all the time! And Joanna Garcia is one of the reasons. She does funny well. But she does the dramatic stuff well, too, so the opportunity for her to have a role in what I think could be The CW’s best new show (sorry 90210…no screener, no love) PRIVILEGED is great. The shining star in an otherwise lame show for CBS last year (WELCOME TO THE CAPTAIN), it’s good to see her have an opportunity for something better.

tristan wilds 90210Tristan Wilds: If you haven’t seen THE WIRE, you can’t truly understand the awesomeness that is Tristan Wilds. He might be the single biggest reason I’m going to tune into 90210 this season. Sure, the big Jenny/Shannen hatchet-burying interaction is making all the news, but it should be the acting on this guy. It’ll be nice to see our Michael smiling as Dixon Mills.

anna torv fringeAnna Torv: J.J. [Abrams] scores again. First Keri Russell, then Jennifer Garner, then Evangeline Lilly. Now, Anna Torv. She is fierce and beautiful as Olivia on FRINGE and I think she’s going to be a huge breakout star. The way she can switch between happy, sad, confused, in love, dreamy eyed, worried, sick, and scared in the span of like 10 minutes? I’m already smitten with her, and cannot wait to see what else she can do.

jason omaraJason O’Mara: Let me take a minute to swoon. Still swooning. Yep, still swooning. He is smoldering. But that’s not all that he has going for him. He is fantastic with even the smallest parts. With his quickly canceled IN JUSTICE, he was just the right amount of rough and sincere to make me happy. In his small time on MEN IN TREES, I wanted to choose him. With his two appearances on THE CLOSER, he played one of the best sociopathic villains on TV! So I look forward to ABC’s retread of the BBC hit LIFE ON MARS because Jason is just so good and he deserves a true breakout. Am I worried that David E Kelley is gone and the boys from OCTOBER ROAD have taken over? Yes, slightly, but with Jason attached, it can’t be bad, right?

elizabeth reaserElizabeth Reaser: Say what you might, critics (you know who you are), about CBS’ new show THE EX LIST (which I didn’t hate), Elizabeth Reaser is quite charming. As an instant Ava/Rebecca hater on GREY’S, I expected to immediately dislike Elizabeth’s Bella on THE EX LIST, but I don’t. I understand her plight, and when she gets whiny here, it doesn’t bother me. While the show might not be a huge hit, I think that Elizabeth has a great career ahead of her, and I for one, will be tuning in.

john michael higginsJohn Michael Higgins: One of the stars of some of my favorite movies (BEST IN SHOW, A MIGHTY WIND [best character EVER], FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION) as well as some totally kick ass Direct TV commercials, he ranks as one of my favorite people to watch. His role on KATH AND KIM, as Molly Shannon’s boyfriend, is classic John Michael, and I think he’s going to knock it out of the park. Whether the show is a hit or miss, he’ll still remain one of my #1 folks!

gretchen molGretchen Mol: I’m a big fan of ROUNDERS (you have to be when your brother watches it on DVD, on cable, on his computer, etc.) and I was one of those people who believe Gretchen Mol was destined for a huge breakout. Sure, she’s had steady work, but she hasn’t had nearly the explosive career that I think she’s deserving of (see David E Kelley’s GIRLS CLUB, which no one actually saw). Hopefully LIFE ON MARS will take off, and she’ll be ABC’s new darling, and we’ll get to see her career take off on a whole other level. While I thought Rachelle Lefevre would have been good, I much prefer the idea of Gretchen Mol as Annie Norris.

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  • Im so glad Joshua Jackson is back on TV. I just watched all 6 seasons of Dawson’s Creek this summer (its a little before my time) and totally fell in love with Pacey Witter.

    Jason O’Mara was also the first Brain Tumor patient on Grey’s Anatomy this season (You know, the one who’s brother got mulled by a bear). That really shows his acting chops since the tumor was changing his personality.

  • Nick.C

    i think Paula Marshall is great(have so since Chicago Sons…anyone remember that show?)I look forward to watching her on GARY UNMARRIED.
    Also Jay Mohr is damn funny…..

  • allie

    I too have loved Simon Baker since his H&A days. Saw The Mentalist pilot and loved it. His character rubs people the wong way and I find it thoroughly entertaining! I’m going to be devastated if this show isn’t picked up. Paula Marshall – well I’m still upset that Out of Practice was cancelled. That show made me laugh out loud. I saw the Fringe pilot and it intrigued me, so I’ll be tuning in for more (which I didn’t expect as I thought it would be too sci fi for me!) I agree – Jason O’Mara is talented and gorgeous so I’ll watch anything he does. Won’t watch The Ex-List because it took Moonlight’s timeslot (though I may end up caving in, but I’m going to try not to watch).