Fall TV Preview 2008: PRISON BREAK

fall TV Preview 2008: prison break

When we last left the gang from PRISON BREAK: It turns out that Michael didn’t get the memo and was preparing to avenge Sarah’s death by hunting down the members of The Company.

Coming up this season: Unless you’ve had the unfortunate fate of being holed up in your own little prison cell for the past 8-12, odds are fairly good that you’ve heard the news that Dr. Sara Tancredi is back. Yet rather than spoil the season premiere and risk becoming your cell mate [at the behest of some very angry FOX executives], this TV Addict thought it best to let Sarah Wayne Callies herself do the talking [I mean it’s not like they’re going to kill off Sara again!] “I don’t know if it will be before the first commercial break,” explained Callies at last month’s San Diego Comic Convention. “But yes, by the end of the first airing,” fans should expect the reunion they’ve all been waiting for.

What we can share is that the new season of PRISON BREAK won’t actually involve our intrepid heroes breaking out of any prisons. In fact, the exact opposite will be occurring, with Michael and Linc teaming up to break in somewhere, with the help of a few very familiar faces not to mention new addition Michael Rapaport.

Why you should watch: Well, aside from Sara being back, head intact and as beautiful as ever — how’s this for an incredibly vague yet enticing reason. Michael Scoffield will lose someone [or something] else this season that viewers will find incredibly unexpected while at the same time long overdue.

PRISON BREAK returns to FOX [and GlobalTV in Canada] on Monday September 1st at 8PM.