Jessica Walter Talks 90210

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Fitting in nicely with the CW’s re-boot of 90210 is a re-boot of Lucille Bluth. Yes my fellow ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Addicts, the brilliant Jessica Walter is back [drink-in-hand] playing Tabitha Wilson, a fading television star and charter member of the Betty Ford Clinic.

Enjoy this first as Walter talks about what it’s like working on the most buzzed about show of her fifty-year career.

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  • Frin

    I’m excited to see Jessica Walter back on the air BUT….

    Nothing will compare to Arrested Development, it was like the perfect love-letter to TV comedy, just perfectly paced and wonderfully witty. My heart is set on an AD movie and I quite literally pray every day to see a movie.

    Please someone confirm a movie! It will be a tragedy if we do not reunite those wonderfully creative writers and actors. For the love of GOB!!

  • Joshin

    no-one asked her about an arrested development movie? COME ON!!!!

    maybe she didn’t understand the question, so didn’t respond to it?

  • Nick



    Dude, Jessica’s presence alone makes 90210 spongeworthy for all of us viewers. She’s the best, Jerry. The best.