Play the GOSSIP GIRL Challenge!

Since GOSSIP GIRL showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage took all the fun out of sending this TV Addict the first three fantastic episodes of GOSSIP GIRL’s second season by swearing me to secrecy. Or to be more specific, asking critics to refrain from spoiling all the scandalous details of one seriously OMFG!—worthy relationship that you definitely won’t see coming. I figure the least I can do is offer up a little tease to hold my fellow GOSSIP guys and gals over until “S,” “B,” “N,” “D,” “C” and “J” return to the small screen with brand new episodes.

So without further ado, presents our first ever GOSSIP GIRL “He said/She said” Challenge. To play, simply attribute the quote [lifted directly from the second season premiere] to the correct character in the comments below.*

And be sure to catch the season premiere of GOSSIP GIRL on September 1st at 8PM to see if your guesses were correct. Because this TV Addict is pretty confident that you’re all going to be surprised as to who had trouble getting over whom this summer, you is out for revenge, who’s getting a second chance, not to mention which of your favorite Upper Eastsiders ended off the premiere getting really cozy under the fireworks!

*Please Note: edited in both genders so that the game wouldn’t be too easy!