Fall TV Preview 2008: THE OFFICE

fall TV Preview 2008: the office
By: Lori Kapes [Special Guest Contributor]

When we last punched in at Dunder Mifflin: We learned that Jan is pregnant, Jim almost proposed to Pam, Toby retired to Costa Rica, Michael has a new potential love interest in Toby’s replacement, Andy proposed to Angela, and poor Phyllis got the surprise of her life when she saw Angela hooking up with former lover Dwight. Can you believe all that took place over one day at the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin on NBC’s THE OFFICE?

This Season: Jenna Fischer’s character, Pam, got accepted to art school last season and Jim, being the most loveable guy on TV, approved. This season they’ll have to deal with their relationship being long-distance according to Fischer in the August issue of Marie Claire. MAD MEN actor Rich Sommer makes a guest appearance, the duration of his stay isn’t clear but EW’s Michael Ausiello revealed that he plays a fellow art student in Pam’s class, hopefully this doesn’t mean troubled times ahead for Jim and Pam (no one needs another Ross and Rachel).

Oscar Nominated actress Amy Ryan, will be returning as Holly, Toby’s Human Resources replacement, for four more episodes. E! Online’s TV reporter Kristin Dos Santos stated that Toby makes a return to the show. She revealed that it’s by way of a storyline about Costa Rica, not sure though what this means for HR lady Holly.

Why You Should Watch: At this point it may seem like THE OFFICE is knee deep in various plots, love triangles, and references to previous episodes; however you can still jump in at any time. At Dunder Mifflin there’s never a shortage of sexual jokes and awkward moments. You’ve got to DVR this show to appreciate the over abundance of jokes that the writers and actors manage to cram into a 30 minutes.

THE OFFICE Returns on September 25, 2008 at 9pm on NBC

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