Fall TV Preview 2008: ONE TREE HILL

By: Amrie Cunningham

When we last left the gang from ONE TREE HILL:  Fans were left scratching their heads as to who was on the other end of Lucas’ invitation to a shotgun wedding in Vegas. Brooke, Lindsay or Peyton.

This Season: The cliffhanger will be answered quickly, and we’ll move on from there.  But don’t count Lindsay out just because her portrayer Michaela McManus has joined LAW & ORDER: SVU in a much more mature role. Showrunner Mark Schwann promises she’ll be back, although he was mighty fuzzy on the specifics.

Also in store for the denizens of TREE HILL is a little more darkness. With speculation running rampant that Brooke will be heading to a very dark place this season. And while we’re not sure as to why, we’re willing to bet that it has something to do with the mother-from-hell, Victoria [played to perfection by Daphne Zuniga] returning for a multi-episode arc. And speaking of hell. Fans have not seen the last of the babysitter-from-hell Nanny Carrie, who is said to be returning sometime this season. One thing’s for sure, she better not lay a hand on the adorable Jackson Brundage. Or as we like to call him, the cutest kid to hit Hollywood since Jonathan “The human head weighs eight pounds” Lipnicki!

And since it wouldn’t be a proper TREE HILL preview without mentioning the man who holds it all together. Look for Chad Michael Murray to move into a very different direction as a writer this season. As the show offers up a film-noir “Casablanca-esque’ themed episode and Bethany Joy Galeotti to take a break from playing Haley to step behind the camera to direct an episode.

Why You Should Watch:  ONE TREE HILL has a definite rhythm and if you get into it, it’s almost like you can’t stop watching. Moving forward in time was the best thing this show could have done and it’s one of the major reasons to keep watching. The actors are much easier to handle closer to their real age and it has allowed the writers to think of something different to deal with going forward.

ONE TREE HILL Returns on September 1, 2008 at 9PM on The CW.