Good News, Bad News: SWINGTOWN, Emmys and More!

Good News: Turns out ,there are enough fans of SWINGTOWN within CBS that the show might survive to see a second season. Bad News: On cable. [Source]

Good News: THE OC’s Benjamin Mackenzie is in talks with John Wells to join the NBC ensemble drama LAPD. Bad News: Putting to rest any hope that he will be joining the Walker clan on BROTHERS & SISTERS this fall. [Source]

Good News: Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Chalke have been tapped to host the Emmys this fall. Bad News: And by Emmys, we mean the non-televised Creative Arts Emmys that we’ll be wishing we were at as we suffer through one-liners courtesy of Howie Mandel and Jeff Probst. [Source]

Good News: The TV Addict just completed DEXTER’S Psycho Therapy Test. Bad News: Turns out I may have some ‘issues’! [Find out if you need Therapy by clicking here.]

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  • Clearly someone doesn’t realize that E! now televises the Creative Arts Emmys. Though I guess you probably don’t get that network, and if you do they’ve probably replaced the exclamation point with the letter H.

  • Alyssa

    Um, I got a 100% on that Dexter quiz. Clearly you shouldn’t cross me!

  • John K.

    Obviously I wrote that to ensure you were still reading and to keep you on your toes 🙂 But seriously, thanks for the correction even though it sort of puts a crimp on my piece! That said, I still think it’s a shame that the Creative Arts Emmys get the better hosts. Albeit fitting considering the Creative Arts Emmys have the foresight to recognize shows like say BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that the regular Emmys do not.

  • Courtney

    uh, I also got 100% on the Dexter Psycho quiz. and then I was convinced that it gave everyone 100%, so I went back and entered different random answers, and only got 61%. uh oh.

  • Yeah, and to be fair, they do edit the CA Emmys into like a 1-hour show. But at the very least, they keep a monologue and acceptance speeches of the Guest Acting winners. Last year George Lopez was quite unfunny as host, but when Elaine Stritch won, her speech was hilarious.

  • Josh Emerson

    I only got 56% on the Dexter quiz. I’m sane! 😀

  • vato

    I’ve never seen Swingtown (I want to, though), but I think it’s a pretty excelent news that the show might be going to a cable network. A show about swingers on CBS doesn’t seem right to me… I always thought they should’ve aired it on Showtime.

  • Candy

    I got a 29% on the told me I was dull and to try harder next time

  • I have to admit, I do have a guilty pleasure or two for tv shows and one is SWINGTOWN, other is Gossip Girl), and I agree with vato, if CBS really wanted to make this show work, they should put it on cable or Showtime…cable would better, I willn’t have showtime for much long,

  • Nick.C

    I hope Benjamin Mackenzie is on LAPD and not B&S.I think hes a good actor and i would like to see him in something that i can actually watch.