Fall TV Preview 2008: GREEK

fall TV Preview 2008: GREEK
By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

When we last left GREEK Row: Casey pulled a Kelly Taylor by choosing ‘herself’ when forced to decide between Evan and Cappie. Which naturally led to a chain reaction of hook-ups as Cappie to chose Rebecca, and Evan, well he ended his few weeks of debauchery by heading directly into the open-arms of a ready and waiting Francie. In the bro-mance department, Rusty and Calvin looked to be on their way back to the friend zone, while Dale’s crusade against Greek life continued.

This Season: The ice will continue to thaw between Rusty and Calvin, while some familiar faces return to Greek row. The always incredible Charisma Carpenter returns this season to help Casey deal with a troublesome pledge. While Lauren Conrad takes a break from her life in THE HILLS to help Casey find herself as she begins to learn that there is life outside of being the arm-candy of Evan and/or Cappie. Also returning will be Ashley’s mysterious flip-fop man who fans may remember from last spring’s Spring Break finale as her possible soul mate.

Why You Should Watch: How about because GREEK is one of last season’s best new shows [and TV Addict personal favorite!] Not only is it funny, full of heart and easy to relate to. It features one of television’s most diverse and interesting casts. And gets serious extra credit for showing TV producers that unlike the original 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK and SAVED BY THE BELL — College doesn’t have to kill a show.

GREEK Returns on August 26, 2008 at 9PM on ABCFamily.

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  • One of the things I didn’t like about the Chapter 2 of S1, was that the show got a little slow not like in Chapter 1, where it was exciting all the time!

  • MJ

    Love the show, can’t wait for it to come back 🙂