SMALLVILLE’s Michael Rosenbaum & Laura Vandervoort at FanExpo 2008

michael rosenbaum laura vandervoort fanexpo 2008By: Melissa Girimonte

A SMALLVILLE Supergirl Spin-off! Michael Rosenbaum’s dream guest star! Lex with Hair! Special correspondent to Melissa Girimonte was at this weekend’s Fan Expo 2008 in Toronto Canada and has all the details.

SMALLVILLE fans were treated to a very special Q&A with Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort at FanExpo 2008 in Toronto. The lineup began early and snaked around the convention floor as the crowd waited to see Lex Luthor and Supergirl, characters not returning for the series’ eighth season – or so we thought until this panel. From the moment the handsome Rosenbaum, with a full head of hair, and the stunning Vandervoort, looking like a young Charlize Theron, danced on stage, you could tell it was going to be a light, humor-laced Q&A.

Rosenbaum started things off by complimenting hometown girl Vandervoort’s parents, seated in the front row. He mentioned that their daughter worked hard on SMALLVILLE, and looked better than him. He and Vandervoort constantly joked around between questions, sharing stories of pranks on set that he orchestrated. Vandervoort did say that his humor helped with her nervousness in her first major role, although he’d often distract her from her lines and mess up saying her last name.

Since its start, SMALLVILLE has featured guest appearances by actors from the Superman film franchise, including Margot Kidder, Helen Slater and the late Christopher Reeve. Rosenbaum shared that he would have liked to see Gene Hackman, something that he insisted would probably never happen. Rosenbaum emphasized this point with his impression of Hackman on the phone with his agent refusing to do the show.

Vandervoort, who didn’t think she’d get the role of Supergirl when she auditioned against a number of actresses with more extensive credits, mused that her role on SMALLVILLE was originally intended to lead to her own spin off series, which didn’t work out. She did reveal a major tidbit of news, though – she will be back for one episode in Season Eight to tie up her storyline. She shared that one of the highlights of being on SMALLVILLE was working with James Marsters. She grew up watching Buffy, and was a big fan, to the point of writing Joss Whedon when she was a kid and asking if she could be on the show. Years later, Vandervoort had the chance to audition for Whedon, who remembered her letter.

Everyone was curious to know what is next for both actors, now that SMALLVILLE is behind them. Rosenbaum is presently in negotiations for a film role, but mentioned that he’d love to star in his own comedy series, something along the lines of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. Also, there’s still a chance that his script, WELCOME TO PARADISE, based on his childhood in the 80s, could still be made into a series; it was picked up by Fox back in 2005. Vandervoort is currently working on INTO THE BLUE 2, followed by an appearance on the small screen in a Movie of the Week.

Melissa is a Toronto-based TV blogger and music journalist. A TV fan since birth, it was only in recent years that she discovered her love for writing about what she was watching. After contributing to several online and print magazines as a freelance writer, she started her own TV blog, The Televixen, in 2008. She’s also founder and editor of, an online music magazine.

  • G

    Thanks for the info! No offense, but you really need to proofread before you publish if you want to be a journalist – or any kind of writer for that matter. You have so many typos and mistakes in this article it’s embarrassing.

  • Dear G,

    Unfortunately, being a self proclaimed TV Addict has taken a toll on my ability to catch spelling and grammatical errors. That said, we have taken your criticism to heart and re-edited the SMALLVILLE piece. Hope it meets with your approval. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Andrew

    Thank you so much for the report! It’s a shame that Michael still doesn’t plan on returning, but I’m glad to hear we’ll be seeing Kara/Laura at least once more!

  • Man that’s the First time I see Michael R with hair!
    Thanks for the report!

  • Alicia

    Thanks for this! Michael looks awesome, although I honestly think he’s hotter without hair! That though, might be as a result of watching him bald since 2001 and loving every minute of it. I am disappointed to hear he won’t be coming back to Smallville even if it’s for a guest appearance! Smallville won’t be Smallville without Michael’s amazing portrayal of Lex! I wish LV all the best, I wish they did a Supergirl spin-off! That would have been wonderful to watch (on a different network though, not the CW).

  • Mel

    Good story! I’m going to miss Lex. ‘Supergirl’s’ story arc fell flat last season — not the actresses’ fault — I’m not surprised that a spin-off fell through — especially with all of the CW’s energies poured into Gossip Girl and 90210.

  • U2K

    Alright, do not listen to the first poster(G ).
    Second good job information and news for the fans 🙂

    Thats cool that Laura(Kara) is coming back for one episode, i hope they let her leave in a great way. About Lex(michael) coming back, i do believe even tho he did not mention he was coming back, it would make sense for him to do so. They can’t leave him stuck in the FOS, also i hope the bring him back , erase his memory. I like Smallville, is the best show on tv, but lex knowing clark’s secret goes against superman.

    I really did not mind it, but they have to bring him back, if the don’t, the whole lex finding out clark’s secret then dying or whatever wasn’t really a good idea in the first place. So i guess we will have to find out what happens in season 8.

  • G

    Much easier to read without all the typos, and again a very enjoyable piece. Thanks again!

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  • Great to hear that Laura Vandervoort is returning for an episode this coming season! I don’t have a problem with Lex knowing that Clark is Superman; it adds some intriguing non-verbal tension between the two, even if you look at the Superman movies as if Lex knows. I just hope that the Smallville team can come up with a plausible way to explain that Lex is gone since Michael will definitely not be returning.

  • he soi de maxico soy fanatico de la sere de smallville y kara esta bien guapa

  • blaze

    I think its down right wrong to not have the network just pay micheal what hes worth. the shows ratings this year are going to reflect this big mistake by the show and it will lose fans. lex is the biggest part of the superman sega. I love this show and the acting is amazing but as a hard core fan im way disappointed in this move by the cw and the smallville writers, you guys need to finish story lines and not leave them till the 8th or 9th epsoide of the season? (re:Kara) im slowly losing intrest in this show and thats said cause i have watched since day 1. i think this year all not watch and just wait for the dvd set as a protest of no lex and some bad ideas by writers and the network.

  • FA

    Smallville will never be as good as how it used to be without Lex. He has to be brought back!!

  • rebecca lobo borges

    eu amo o michael rosenbaum e eu acho q a serie sem ele vai ficar muito chata! temos q traze lo de volta!

  • smallville wont be the same without kara they need to keep her as long as possible i mean who will teach clark to fly and chloe now she needs to be there as long as clark is same with lois lana and lex well who needs them they need to keep the justice league though flash cyborg and green arrow it was fun watching bart and clark race around the world

  • Enjoyed this article & photo! Wish I had gone to that expo now, oh well. At least I got to meet Erica Durance at a previous one, which was fabulous. As for the person waiting for the Season 8 DVDs to come out, they are missing a fantastic season! Even without Lex, it’s getting very good ratings and fans are just loving it, moreso than season 7. In fact talk is of season 9, this one is doing that well. Would love to see more photos from the Q & A. Do you have any more?

  • i hope theres gonna be a season 9 pleeeeeeease

  • Jay R.

    I think that Smallville is already over, I would hate to see CW Network turn fans away from the Series disgusted by bringing on season 9. We deserve the magical end we have been waiting 8 years for! Bring on the tights, & Cape! Let him fly! THe last episode is called: DOOMSDAY!!! May 14th 2009, what kind of Doomsday would it be without SUPERMAN?!!! The show has constantly neglected Clark his rights & abilities to FLY! That is lame! I got pretty much sick of the TITLE since the end of season 6! Season 7 was ok, but it should have ended there! Season 8 is barely grasping my attention because I knew it was coming to an end! Well now Season 9??? They aren’t even in SMALLVILLE anymore! End the series, start a spin off called Metropolis! But give us our END! We deserve that! Ask Gough and Millar back for final episode! I just want this show to be finished either way, but a happy LONG AWAITED ending! Since all but 2 years it has been almost a decade! That is a pretty good run for a 1 hour series. I haven’t seen any Superhero TV last this long! So be grateful it has done well for 8 years! It’s like The Cosby Show! Season 1 was a good start, Seasons 1-6 was the best years! Season 7 a little weaker but very interesting! Season 8 not doing so hot! Don’t get too cocky! The only reason so many are willing to watch season 8 was because we were promised this was a final season! Do you want to LIE to us and give us another CLIFFHANGER and make us say to hell with SMALLVILLE?!!! I won’t be back for Season 9, so end it please! Get a new spinoff! Get him his suit and cape, and revamp the show, make it interesting! Here’s a thought… Take a year or two off, and think creatively how to start a new SERIES, woah, just a thought. Thanks, hope nobody got mad at this idea, Smallville needs to end!


    I have like this series for ever but in this last season, I dont think the writers are seing that all the changes they have made are damaging the series

  • Robb

    I was so impressed with the first 3 seasons that I started buying all the dvd’s. But since Lex left the show has become a Saturday morning cartoon. I’m losing interest faster than a red-blue blur. The new creative forces of the show should get back to the basics. Otherwise Smallville will end on a very low note.