Win HEROES Season 2 on DVD

heroes season 2 dvdIn honor of the second season of HEROES being released tomorrow on both Blu-ray and DVD, is thrilled to be able to give away a copy to one lucky reader. To qualify to win, simply leave a comment letting us know who your favorite hero is and why. One lucky entrant will be picked at random and notified via email on September 1, 2008 [So please be sure to enter with a valid email address].

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  • Tom

    My favorite hero is Hiro. He was the first to openly embrace & enjoy the fact that he had superpowers. His Season 2 storyline in old Japan fell flat, but throwing David Anders in that coffin was great closure!

  • Angela Petrelli. So much of her story has yet to be told. She seems like a two dimentional socialite at first. Sad, pathetic, clingy Mom. She may still be those things, but I can’t wait to find out what her powers are.

  • Nicholas

    Hiro, because he’s freaking adorable in that kid in a candy store way: naive, and yet brilliant intelligent.

    And he has the most badass power ever.

  • Josh C.

    My favorite hero would have to be nikki. I know not many people like her but i dont think they understand how complicated of a character she can be. Nikki is a true hero. Not only does she have this crazy ability but she is also a mother who was taking care of her child by herself, recently lost her husband to a gun shot and then died……atleast a part of her did. It takes alot of strength to do go thorugh something like that. On top of the fact that her dual personality nearly killed her. Show me a hero that went through all that and i’ll admit defeat until then…..realize the power of nikki!

  • Pat Matczak

    Matt; he brings humor to the series.

  • Stef

    Peter… because Milo is one of the hottest actors around. Yeah, I am shallow!

  • alicia

    Here’s another chance for you two win season 2 on DVD!

  • Pat

    Peter… because I *still* miss Jess (and Gilmore Girls)…

  • Jordan

    My favorite hero’s Peter, who’s a nice guy and gets to collect everyone’s power.

  • yessenia

    my favorite hero is superman haha but from heroes my favorite is peter petrelli-even his name is awesome. i just LOVE his superpower i mean he can like absorb other people’s powers, that is amazing!! and he is also super hot so he’s the perfect superhero : )

  • Jefferson

    Kristen Bell. Do I need more of a reason?

  • Roy

    I’m going to have to go with Peter, just because… How cool would it be to be able to have so many powers? He doesn’t have to kill anyone to get them like Sylar does. He just soaks them up! Uber-cool!

  • I would love to get this.