The TV Addict Had the Time of His Life at FOX’s Premiere Party for FRINGE

fox fringe party michael ausiello
The TV Addict (right) with EW’s Michael Ausiello

As evidence by this post’s unapologetically cheesy title, is putting aside all pretense of professionalism and journalistic integrity for a moment to simply say this. Monday night’s party celebrating the series premiere of FRINGE on FOX was pretty much this TV Addict’s ultimate TV fantasy come true.

On an uber-trendy non-descript loft overlooking the Hudson river, not only did this incredibly lucky TV Addict get the opportunity to meet two people in the world of television journalism whom I hold in the highest regard — Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello [pictured above] and Television Without Pity’s Dan Manu, I got to mix and mingle with a few other faces you may be just slightly familiar with.

fringe fox jj abrams
The TV Addict (left) with J.J. Abrams

Most notable on that list and easily the most thrilling of all was the man, the genius, the icon himself — J.J. Abrams. Not only was Mr. Abrams kind enough to spend a few moments allowing me to explain that the brilliance of ALIAS was partially responsible for my total lack of social life from 2001-2006. He posed for this fantastic photo that has already found a hallowed place in my house, on my facebook and my iPhone.

Next up was Jeff Pinkner, FRINGE Executive Producer and the man who virtually ran ALIAS throughout its entire five season run. Pinkner indulged me as I reminisced about one of my favorite shows ever, my belief that Jennifer Garner, Lena Olin and Victor Garber could make reading the phone book sound interesting, the brilliance of the post-Superbowl episode that was unfairly delayed by a Jon Bon Jovi performance that would never end [seriously, still bitter!], and of course, the kiss fans won’t soon forget [see clip].

Pinkner was also kind enough to reveal what it feels like as a producer to discover that your leading players are involved in an on-set romance [or showmance], the disappointment upon learning that a deal couldn’t be struck to bring Lena Olin back for a third season and how the set-up for the fifth and final season was ruined thanks to some untimely spoilers leaked online.

jasika nicole fringe fox party
The TV Addict (right) with Jasika Nicole

Taking a break from the behind-the-scenes geniuses, I cooly mozied on over to FRINGE star and small screen newcomer Jasika Nicole. Nicole, who coincidentally enough starred in this TV Addict’s brother’s very own movie TAKE THE LEAD was, as expected, an absolute pleasure to talk to and clearly thrilled to be apart of this project that will undoubtedly launch her career into an entirely different stratosphere.

josh jackson fringe premiere party
Left to right: The TV Addict, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Josh Jackson

Definitely the coolest fringe-benefit [umm…pun indented!] of the party, well, aside from the glowing orange cocktails that went down a little too easy, was the low key and mellow atmosphere of the event itself. Leading man Josh Jackson wasn’t on the other side of some mythical VIP rope-line [like the stars of the CW at their May UpFront]. Instead, he was just hanging out and talking with anyone and everyone who crossed his path.

So when I saw an opportunity to casually insert myself into a conversation between Josh and FRINGE co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci I jumped at the chance to congratulate fellow Canadian Mr. Jackson on all his success. As well as mention THE MIGHTY DUCKS, which got a laugh out of Josh and led him to remark that on his gravestone it will read, “Josh Jackson, Mighty Duck.” Or as I quietly thought to myself, “Quack, Quack, Quack.”

Now I realize that most fans probably would have asked Josh about DAWSON’S CREEK. But remember, the TV Addict is Canadian. And as a card carrying Canuck, we’re obligated by law to bring up either (a) THE MIGHT DUCKS or (b) DEGRASSI in any and all conversations with our American compadres. Just ask Dan Manu!

The night ended off with me conversing with FRINGE co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who were not only the brains behind the first two seasons of ALIAS, they penned TRANSFORMERS and the upcoming sequel, not to mention that little movie you might have heard of called STAR TREK. Honestly, what a thrill! Words really can’t describe what it’s like talking to two of the men responsible for some of my favorite shows ever. Orci especially couldn’t have been more kind, taking time to discuss everything from the mythology of Rambaldi, his favorite incarnation of STAR TREK [which by the way is The Next generation], his days starting out in New Zealand working on XENA, HERCULES and JACK OF ALL TRADES and how he would love to snag Bruce Campbell as a guest star on FRINGE.

Needless to say, it was a night this TV Addict won’t soon forget.

And be sure to check back all this week leading up to FRINGE’s September 8th premiere for more fantastic interviews, video and photos, including a visit to the set.

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  • Mohammad

    WOW you met a lot of people

  • ewanspotter

    Can I have your job now please?

  • Awesome stuff. So sad I had to miss this one. Pacey…damn it nearly killed me to decline. The real question is…has Ausiello filed a restraining order yet? Ha ha.

  • Dudleys Mom

    I really enjoyed this article. And it sounds like you comported yourself with grace and charm meeting all these TV icons.

  • TVFan

    OMFG! Great pics and great write up. Except next time, how about an invitation! Where’s the love for your loyal readers?

  • Alyssa

    So jealous! I need to start a blog so I can go to these things.

  • Just Jody

    Awesome! Sounds like an amazing time.

  • Have I told you lately that I hate you?

    I’ll be sure to say hi to El Jobs-o when I see him walking around Cupertino next month. 😛

  • Gabi

    Do you need a secretary or an assistant?? Can I have the job so I can go with you everywhere?? LOL!

    FOX! and.. no House *pouts*

    ..but I still want to be your assistant! 🙂

  • scsc

    Great pic! You two make a cute couple ;)….to quote someone…”talks like a duck, acts like a duck…must be a duck”

  • Dan

    As someone who gets excited when they mention Sydney Bristow on shows like 30 Rock or Greek, I loved this post. I hope you get to go to some Eli Stone party and tear it up with Victor Garber.

  • DB

    dude, congrats on meeting your idols!

  • Mel

    Ohh tell us more about Dan Manu. I miss him at TVGuide.

  • tim wilkins

    Congrats TVA. Good to see your star rising. -) Kudos to you. Much continued success to you Daniel.

  • ct

    I hate you.

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