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Good News for fans of the now defunct WB Network. The WB is officially back in business with today’s public launch of Bad news, you’ve got to be located in the United States to access the site, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

More importantly, features full length episodes of some of this TV Addict’s all-times favorite shows. Including EVERWOOD, FIREFLY, FRIENDS, THE OC, SMALLVILLE, ONE TREE HILL, VERONICA MARS and GILMORE GIRLS. Not to mention ANGEL, BABYLON 5, ROSWELL and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, which fall under the category of shows this TV Addict hopes to one day find the time to watch.

Also available online will be original programming courtesy of two of the hottest names in television production. Premiering September 8th is McG’s [THE OC] SORORITY FOREVER, which is described as a mashup of the hit internet series PROM QUEEN and THE OC. While Josh Schwartz is working diligently [no doubt in the four minutes of daily free time between producing CHUCK and GOSSIP GIRL] on the UNTITLED JOSH SCHWARTZ MUSIC PROJECT, with Special Guest Star Misha Barton! Okay, so we totally made that last part about Misha Barton up. But in our defense, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for the girl to show up an internet site that isn’t called

Moving on to what you really care about. How on earth one can access this wealth of TV goodness if you happen to live outside of the continental United States. Well thankfully it’s surprisingly easy. Simply head on over to, download the latest version that runs on both Mac and Windows and you’re ready to rock.

Incidentally, Hotspot Shield will also allow you to watch you favorite shows on,, and

And remember, when your boss or teacher angrily demands why you’ve been so unproductive as of late, don’t shoot the messenger!

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  • This is fantastic news indeed! Now I can watch all of Angel without Korean subtitles.

  • Josh Emerson

    Hotspot Shield doesn’t help me! I’m in the US and it won’t allow me to watch CBC or BBC streams. Maybe they’re configured differently than the US sites, I don’t know.

  • Josh, I find it so humorous that while most of the world is desperate to watch US shows, you’re trying to find a way to watch the CBC. There must be a reverse hotspot shield somewhere.

  • Linda B.

    I just checked out the site, and my all time favorite WB show is not on there – Felictiy! What gives???

  • Niels

    What about Jack and Jill.
    Will that be on there eventually?

  • Mark

    What? No Supernatural or Felicity? Say it ain’t so!

  • Just Jody


    Looking forward to watching some Everwood. And the new series as well.

  • Sam

    WB…these shows MUST be added to make your site complete:

    1) Felicity
    2) Popular
    3) Jack and Jill
    4) Jack and Bobby
    5) Grosse Point

    You add those….and folks, you’ve got a destination.

  • Was Felicity produced by WB?

  • Courtney

    Thanks for figuring out for me how to watch all this content! Now I’ll never get any work done…small price to pay to get to watch Everwood again. My season 1 dvd just doesn’t cut it.

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  • Neena

    Thanks for the news…i will check it out.

  • syst3m

    hotspot shield doesnt work on thewb for me, but its fine on hulu.