Fall TV Preview 2008: PRIVILEGED


Starring: JoAnna Garcia [REBA], Lucy Hale [BIONIC WOMAN], Ashley Newbrough, Michael Cassidy [THE OC] and Anne Archer [PATRIOT GAMES]

The Skinny: Based on the popular book series “How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls,” PRIVILEGED follows twenty-three-year-old Megan Smith [JoAnna Garcia] after she’s hired by Palm Beach Cosmetics magnate Laurel Limoges [Anne Archer] to ensure her two Hilton-esque granddaughters Rose [Lucy Hale] and Sage [Ashley Newbrough] graduate with a high enough GPA to gain acceptance into Duke University.

The Scoop: There are two important things that set PRIVILEGED apart from say that other show based on a series of popular books [GOSSIP GIRL]. Their names: star JoAnna Garcia and Executive Producer Rina Mimoun. For her part, Garcia deftly handles her role as a modern day Mary Poppins while Rina Mimoun does her part to inject the series premiere with the ideal balance of emotional and light-hearted moments that made EVERWOOD a TV Addict favorite.

Add to that a genuine sisterly relationship between Rose and Sage, the likes of which we haven’t seen since on television, since well, I’m not even sure when. And the eye-candy that comes standard with virtually every CW show. PRIVILEGED is definitely one to watch come Fall 2008. Assuming that is, you can find it amidst the endless promotional blitz for that other new CW series you may have heard of. You know, the one with that famous zip code.

Why You’ll Like it: Because it combines the glitz and glamour of GOSSIP GIRL with the heart and family drama of an EVERWOOD/GILMORE GIRLS.

PRIVILEGED premieres on Tuesday September 9th at 9PM on the CW following 90210.

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  • Armando

    I guess that’s the only new CW show im going to be watching for sure… and well maybe I’ll watch 90210…

  • NikkiHolly

    why are the CW not promoting this show? seriously, there’s a poster for 90210 on every block in Philadelphia. why haven’t i seen any for this show? it looks like it might be really good.