Good News, Bad News: CHUCK, SNL, 90210 and More!

Good News: NBC has already gone ahead and picked up CHUCK for its entire second season Bad News: Which as much as we love CHUCK, probably says a lot more about the sorry state of the Peacock Network’s fall slate. We’re just sayin’, NBC President Ben Silverman, it’s probably about time you updated your resume. [Source]

Good News: The TV Addict correctly predicted prior to yesterday’s announcement that NBC would snag Michael Phelps to host the 34th season opener of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Bad News: When was the last time a sports personality didn’t stink up Studio 8H? [Source]

Good News: AMERICAN IDOL winner Ruben Studdard managed to extend his fifteen minutes of fame by making headlines once again. Bad News: For reportedly squandering his earnings and not being able to pay nearly 200,000 in state and federal taxes. I mean seriously, has Richard Hatch not taught reality TV stars anything? [Source]

Good News: The CW threw a spectacular launch party for 90210 on Saturday. Bad News: Obviously this TV Addict’s invite got lost in the mail. [see pics]

  • Peyton Manning was easily one of the best guests last year 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I was going to the same thing, Seat! And I hate the Colts.

  • So excited about Chuck. Let’s just hope NBC decides to AIR all those 22 episodes.

  • Nick

    Well, dude, maybe if you hadn’t come out and immediately trashed the idea of Shannen Doherty reprising her “Brenda Walsh” character, your invite would’ve been hand-delivered. I always say, it’s best not to criticize something before you’ve got all the facts or before you see the finished product.

  • Nick,

    When did I ever come out and immediately trash the idea of Shannen Doherty joining the show? I for one can’t wait for the 90210 re-boot. But that’s not to say I’m incredible skeptical that it can be pulled off.

  • Yeah, 42F pointed out, Peyton Manning was pretty hilarious (and his Oreo commercials with brother Eli, and the Williams sisters AND the one about the games they play off-football season are both pretty hilarious)!

    That said. not sure how funny Phelps actually would be.

    I like your little advice to Ben Silverman.