The TV Addict Gets Voted “Nice Boy of the Week”

Question: What do Zachary Levi, Simon Baker and the TV Addict have in common? I mean aside from our obvious charm, acting chops and good looks? We’ve all been voted’s “Nice Boy of the Week.” No really!

After shamelessly posting last week’s FRINGE premiere party photos on, it turns out that someone, outside of my immediately family that is, took notice. Announced on their web site:

“Our new Nice Boy is – drum roll, please – that curly-headed boy, that lovable Canadian, the TV Addict himself, Daniel. We couldn’t resist.”

I mean, talk about surprising. Who knew that snagging photos with virtually any celebrity within stalking distance would reap such rewards. Next up, PEOPLE’s 50 Most Beautiful Issue. So Clooney, Pitt and Damon, watch out!

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  • Armando A

    haha Well Congratulations. I say don’t be surprise when a group of young girls starts chasing you on the middle of the street!

  • You’re welcome, Daniel. We’re always looking for boys who love TV as much as we do.

  • tony

    lol, JJ looks like he could be your older brother