Fall TV 2008 Season Premiere Printable Calendar

fall tv 2008 season premiere calendar

Presenting theTVaddict.com 2008 Fall TV Calendar. And no, before you get too excited… it’s not that type of calendar. So get your mind out of the gutter!

theTVaddict.com is proud to present our first ever Fall TV 2008 Season Premiere Printable Calendar. Because let’s face it, listing a bunch of season premieres online won’t do you much good while you’re sitting in front of your television.

Simply click here to download [‘right click’ and ‘save to desktop’ works best] and within seconds you’ll have in your hands a complete day-by-day list of every show that is set to premiere over the course of the next two months. Including what this TV Addict will be watching on any given night.

So download, print and enjoy. And on the off chance you were actually looking for an online list of season premiere dates, feel free to check out TVSquad’s complete online list by clicking here.