90210 Series Premiere Live Blog

90210 cast live blog

6:13PM: True or False. The most anticipated event in the history of television commences in less than two hours!

7:20PM: T-Minus thirty-nine minutes and counting. In case you’re wondering, this TV Addict’s passing the time plowing through one of last season’s best new dramas, ELI STONE on DVD.

7:54PM: With last night’s second season premiere of GOSSIP GIRL debuting to its second best numbers ever [3.4 million viewers] it’s time to place your bets. How many eyeballs will tonight’s premiere of 90210 snag? Did I mention there’s six minutes until the premiere!

8:10PM: LOVED IT! Now for the hard part. I’ve got a mere two minute commercial break to rant and rave. So a few points if I may: Shenae Grimes, adorable and so definitely not in Degrassi Kansas anymore! “What is that girl, like 30” OMFG! Did Gabrielle Carteris just get mocked, awkward. The capitol of Kansas is Topeka? Who knew. And finally, I certainly hope the CW is getting some serious coinage from the producers of SPRING AWAKENING for the most ingenious product placement in the history of Television. SMALLVILLE take notes will you.

8:17PM: So Silver is Baby Erin, perhaps better known to old-school 90210 fans as Jackie and Mel’s daughter and Kelly and David’s sister. How exactly did this manage to stay secret?

8:19PM: NAT! The Peach Pit! Oh the memories…

8:21PM: Fun Fact #1: During the original series, this TV Addict used to spend his commercial breaks talking to his Grade Seven/Eight ‘BFF’ Alison H on the phone. Hilariously random or really creepy if I were to Facebook her out of the blue right now?

8:29PM: Look at her ass, you can crack an egg on it” Seriously am loving Jessica Walter. Moment of silence for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT please.

8:30PM: Shocking, it only took thirty minutes for us to learn that not everything in 90210 is as it seems on the outside and there may be more to the vapid uberhot Naomi than meets the eye. I wonder what she’s in to?

8:36PM: How exactly does Silver get half-a-million hits on her blog? No really, I’m asking.

8:40PM: Okay seriously, SPRING AWAKENING product placement #2. BRILLIANT! Any guesses as to how many episodes it will take Annie to miraculously transform into a chorus girl into a leading lady.

8:44PM: I know this is wrong, but is not half the fun of the show imagining how jealous all of Shenae Grimes former DEGRASSI classmates must be right now watching this. I’m just sayin’

9:00PM: “He’s been asking about you!?” Was Kelly just talking to Dylan on the other line? Or Steve? Noah? Matt? Colin? I mean there are a lot of possibilities… Kelly kinda got around!

9:05PM: “I need to finish my memories before my friend Virginia does. We slept with all the same people!” Have I mentioned how much I miss Lucille Bluth?

9:12PM: Only in West Bev can two outsiders from Minnesota Kansas make friends and enemies with virtually everyone at high school in what, two days?

9:27PM: BRENDA! BRENDA! BRENDA! Umm.. Did Kelly just say that she was on the phone with Brandon at 3AM? Does this mean that Kelly and Brandon have a kid?

9:47PM: The TV Addict’s Mom has her own take, “Crap crap crap! Commercials every 5 minutes. Lame plot. Anorexic girls. At least gossip girls is fun because it is so outrageous. This is pathetic!”

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  • John


  • theo

    Im excited.This better be good.

  • TVFan

    20 minutes and counting… cannot wait!

  • I’ll go high…5.8 million viewers. That’s my prediction.

  • Ari

    same roof? same house style…. except now now there’s a drunk grandma… is this bev or 90210? what’s with all the cynicism? Help where’s the gleeful optimism?

  • Ari

    i meant the oc or 90210..i can’t type and watch

  • “How old is that girl, 30?”


  • The news anchor girl’s name was “Zuckerman-Velasquez.” Wasn’t Zuckerman the last name of Carteris’ character? I never watched the original series.

  • Ari

    Where is the tv addict? Calling Daniel where are you?

  • Tim G.

    Yes, Andrea Zuckerman and Jessie Vasquez’s kid was indeed named Hannah.

  • 24 mins in – love the kelly. yes, this other girl is 30-ishest 16-year old in history. So far, not new, not reimagined… it’s just “90210”…

  • So who do you think was cast first? Lori Loughlin or her Mini-Me Shenae Grimes?

  • TVFan

    Loving it. Can’t wait for Brenda to show up.

  • Sam

    I can’t find anything to complain about. This show rocks thus far.

    (I know we’re just getting used to all the new faces, but I’m having just a bit of a hard time keeping all the girls straight. Don’t really know who is who, and why. But I have the same trouble with American Idol.)

    On a side note, this “Ty Collins” guy is, thus far, the absolute hottest person on the show.

  • I love how they all have MacBook Airs.

    Product placement lesson #2.

  • Oddly enough I didn’t notice the MacBook Airs but I did notice the white earbuds everywhere.

  • The kid isn’t Jason Priestly’s. I read somewhere they were trying to get Luke Perry to guest on an episode or two.

  • Oh, and I’d disagree. I’d say this Dustin Milligan kid is the hottest.

  • Sam

    Dustin is probably the best actor, and definitely has the best personality. But hotter than the rich kid with the plane? Nah.

  • Rob Estes & Ryan Eggold are pretty freaking hot too.

  • Just Jody

    Fun. Lots of pretty people. Definitely gets another viewing.

    It wasn’t a secret that Silver was Erin, lil sis of Kelley. I think that’s why they wanted Jenny before any of the other old cast. I believe their mom is going to appear as well.

    What was a secret was Hanna Zuckerman-Vasquez though! I hope we get to see more about her.

    If nothing else, it’s really nice to see old friends after so long.