Download Your Free 90210 Ringtone

You didn’t think this TV Addict would actually go the entire day without mentioning the return of the little show that is responsible for my not-so-healthy addiction to television, did you?

Not only will be LIVE BLOGGING the entire two-hour series premiere of 90210 starting tonight at 8PM [EST]. We’re thrilled to be able to offer up this FREE 90210 ringtone courtesy of Canada’s own GlobalTV.

Simply click here to download the ringtone, so you too can know the feeling when an entire restaurant awkwardly turns your way and quietly mumbles to themselves, “Why exactly does a seemingly normal twenty-something male have the theme song to 90210 on his iPhone?”

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  • As the show’s ultimate promoter who has vowed to watch every episode no matter how horrible, I’m very interested to read your take on whatever is to come tonight. I’m hoping for awesome, preparing for awful.

  • Just Jody

    Oh Yeah! I’ll be d/l that ringtone tonight. Thanks for the link.