You Be the Critic: 90210 Series Premiere

As this TV Addict hurriedly tries to formulate his thoughts on the fun yet somewhat disappointing series premiere of 90210. I thought I’d open up a thread to let you all have your say. Good, Bad or Ugly… post away.

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  • Starts in 30 minutes!

  • Snowman

    What’s that I hear…the mid-season replacement readying production.

  • Sure, that girl is sixteen years old. Sure.

  • blah.

  • I liked it a whole lot more than I thought. It was sweet and fun, with some brilliant meta jokes (the “She looks 30” is an early frontrunner for best line of the season). Also, Jessica Walter is perfect comic relief, Silver and Navid are awesome characters. I’ll be interested to see the ratings and how it does next week. The CW put way too much publicity into this show to cancel it at midseason. Besides, they’ll have a huge hole to fill when the MRC Sunday night thing goes south.

  • tim wilkins

    I agree, too many commercials. Shannon’s entrance was “hum ho.” Jennie Garth rocked. Jessica Walter was great. I loved seeing Linda Gray aka “sue ellen” from Dallas. lol Wasn’t expecting that. Wasn’t horrible, but it’s just getting started. I, too, couldn’t tell the girls apart and they need thier characters fleshed out a bit more. The new “brenda and brandon” were good and they actually look like teens. Somewhat. It wasn’t crackling like a fire. More like smoldering with promise. lol

  • loquaciousmuse

    somewhat disappointed. not very original, not very appealing actors, oddly noticeable ADR. will continue watching..but mostly because the school musical is spring awakening. and mr. matthews is attractive.

  • Johnny Michaels

    It was pretty good, far batter than I thought it would be. I agree with Shannon’s entrance…we need to see her character become evil.

  • BHcolin

    I enjoyed it a lot. So much I liked, not much I didn’t.
    Loved jessica Walters — she was a blast.
    I hope Jennie Garth is “special guest star” like Heather Locklear was — cause I want more Kelly.
    I so loved seeing Brenda again – it just felt right
    Silver was great, so was Navid. I really liked Dixon and Annie, they had a believable connection

    It felt like an old friend. I always loved the original and this felt right.
    I also have to say I liked the Naomi character. I like the fact that she won’t just be “the b-tch”, that she’ll be humanized a bit

    the little moments between Silver and kelly I really enjoyed and those alone will keep me watching

    just my thoughts

  • Moni

    I Though it was okay. Not a big thing… I was expecting more of it. The first hour was some ordinary not so great. I still get that GG is winning this battle. I saw GG last year and my impessions are more high to GG than 90210. Must add that I loved and followed the original 90210 and still watch the reruns. But I give a second chance to the second hour of last night premiere. I hope for next week to pick up the script, because if it is like the first hour last night I will fall asleep in the first twenty minutes. But ey! thats Me ^_^