Do you know how long I’ve waited to post the words “You Be the Critic”? I mean seriously, it’s been months! And not even the lameness of Michael “Why does FOX keep hiring me?” Rappaport on PRISON BREAK could ruin the excitement that was two hours of Sara and Michael reunited, a GOSSIP GIRL premiere that lived up to the hype [I mean could Chuck and Blair be anymore fun?] and ONE TREE HILL that not only featured the return of Cruella DeVictoria but the awesome craziness that is Nanny Carrie.

So if you’re new to, here’s your chance. Put on your critics hat and let us all know what you thought of last night’s TV.

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  • CC

    The only reason I watch Gossip Girl is because of Blair/Chuck. Everything else is lame. Nate with the cougar? So overdone. Serena and Dan’s relationship doesnt even make sense, if they dont know why they broke up..? They shouldnt have in the first place. Jennys storyline is okay I guess. As for One Tree Hill it’s great! Can’t wait to see what happens with this dark place they’re going with Brooke.

  • Just Jody

    While Blair & Chuck spitting venom at each other is truly great, the rest of the Gossip Girl premiere was kinda slow. Anything exciting that happened had been shown so many times in the previews there really wasn’t much left. Did like that Little J took the high road and turned down the new internship though.

  • This may be blasphemy, but last night I preferred OTH to GG. Don’t get me wrong, Gossip Girl was great, but OTH had dancing Jim-Jam, naked Deb, crazy Nanny Carrie and Brooke getting yelled at by her mom, shoved by a teen, and beat up by a robber. Pure absurd genius.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Prison Break is must see tv again. I loved it. I saw the 2 deaths coming and pretty much figured out the fate of one of them from the start. But the reunion with Michael/Sara + the gang getting back together to work on the bringing down the company is just what the show needed. Mahone broke my heart when he was remembering his son. The only thing missing was Kellerman. I miss him so much. I keep hoping PP gets canceled so Addison can go back to Seattle Grace and Kellerman can rise from the grave.

  • Josh Emerson

    It isn’t blasphemy, I’ve always preferred OTH over GG! GG was alright, but it’s not “must see tv” for me. It’s enjoyable to watch, but afterward I just don’t remember or care what happened. lol I’ll probably drop it with Chuck, Terminator, and How I Met Your Mother starting in a few weeks.

    OTH was good. But my poor Brooke! She’s always been the greatest thing on this show and I don’t know how I feel about this assault thing.

  • First, a moment of gleeful joy to celebrate the return of Fall Television. Whew.

    My biggest problem was GG was a summer of celibate females while the men ran around getting busy!

  • Even though Prison Break should probably be renamed “Scofield’s Six” or something similar, I thought it was a good reboot of a series that has been getting worse and worse for the last season and a half. Hopefully this will be the last season so we don’t have another jailbreak on our hands next year.

  • You know Tivo Queen, I didn’t even think about that but yeah it does suck how the boys got it on while the girls were all “get thee to a nunnery” but at least they all got called on it. Especially judgmental Dan.

    OTH would have been great if i didn’t have to watch the Lucas/Peyton yawn-a-thon. I’m so over them. Love Brooke and Jamie as always. I feel so bad for Brooke though. Can’t she be happy for once?

    Gonna watch Prison Break tonight.

  • Amy

    I thought GG was great last night. Parts of it were slow, but Blair and Chuck are so watchable and their scenes are such a joy to watch that it didn’t really bother me. I was just so happy to have those two back on my screen.

    On the other hand, Brooke (and Jamie) is the only thing keeping me watching OTH, but everything else is SO bad that sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. It wouldn’t have made sense for Lucas to pick Brooke, so I wish he’d picked Lindsay instead – him and Peyton make me nauseous. I’m really not sure I can take a season watching them together and seeing Brooke having her life destroyed again. And that’s without even mentioning Nanny Carrie and Dan – I didn’t think their storylines could top the ridiculousness of last season, but I was wrong.

  • Jamie P

    I agree with you John K. I preferred OTH last night to GG. They are both great shows though! Maybe I am the minority, but I LOVED when I saw Peyton walking into the airport. I was also relieved that is wasn’t Lindsey. I REALLY don’t like her at all. As always I loved Jamie and Brooke. Brooke has always been my favorite. It would’ve been great to see her with Lucas, but in a way I think she can do better haha. Hopefully after she recovers from her attack, good things start to happen to her character. And man, that Nanny Carrie is crazier then a cat fart! lol

  • Heather

    With no publicity whatsoever, OTH gave an episode that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. GG was great, but just paled in comparison to OTH!

  • I have my review of this episode (with screencaptures) on my new tv-related blog. 🙂

  • Maria

    I was a big fan of OTH but I suck to see the pathetic relationship of Lucas and Peyton all over again!I agree that the only reason that i was still watching OTH was Brooke and Jamie!How many times i have seen the life of Brooke being destoyed!