Exclusive Interview: BONES Star Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin
The TV Addict with BONES Star Michaela Conlin in Los Angeles, August 2008

Full disclosure. Prior to last season, I had never watched a single episode of BONES and quite frankly, callously dismissed it as yet another oversimplified procedural [ie. CSI].

Yet after having the pleasure of interviewing TJ Thyne, Emily Deschanel, Eric Millegan and Michaela Conlin last Fall and absolutely falling head-over-heels in love with what by all accounts seems to be the nicest cast in Hollywood, I quickly changed my tune and jumped on the BONES bandwagon.

Since then, I’ve been hooked. Because as any BONES fan will tell you. The show is so much more than your average who-done-it! Rather, it’s about the relationships between the characters. Which is why fans are still reeling from last May’s shocking finale. And more to the point, why I started off my interview with BONES star Michaela Conlin by asking the following.

How shocked were you by the outcome of last season’s finale?
Michaela Conlin:
It was a big shocker wasn’t it.

I mean “WOW,” I did not see that coming. When did you discover that Zack was Gormogon’s Apprentice?
Maybe a week before we got the script. I mean we started hearing rumors, but really it was confirmed when we got the script. Eric had been with the show from the beginning so it definitely was a shock for everyone. But I think he’ll be back for a couple of episodes. At least that’s what I’m hearing.

And by ‘hearing,’ would it be safe to assume that it’s actually going to happen and Zack will be back!
Okay, Yes [she smiles] Zach will definitely be back.

As a fan I feel so bad for an actor when it’s revealed that they’re actually a somewhat psychotic killer [or killer’s apprentice] and forced to exit the show.
It is sad, but Eric is doing fine.

michaela conlin bonesPhoto Credit: Eric Ogden/FOX

Zack aside, fans are really interested in what’s going to happen to Angela and Hodgins this year. Its unfortunate that the WGA strike really put their relationship on on the back-burner last season.
I know. Angela’s ex is a wonderful guy and very attractive and we’re definitely going to address the issue head on in the season opener. It’s a big deal and I think fans will be surprised as to what happens.

Will Angela’s ex be sticking around?
I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure what will happen beyond what we’ve shot. But I can say another ex of Angela’s is going to be arriving.

Really? Have they cast him?
I don’t think they cast… her. It’s a little crush of Angela’s, an ex-girlfriend. It’s really going to be an excellent season.

With no work stoppages.
God Willing.

So you didn’t get to go to London? What’s up with that?
I didn’t. David and Emily got to go to London. We were stuck in the lab. Kind of a bummer. But we’re all rallying to go somewhere now.

If given the choice, where in the world would you like to go?
Back to Tokyo. I was recently there and people watch the show and know the show. It was totally crazy.

Have you seen the Japanese version of the show? What do you think of the woman who dubs your voice?
I actually haven’t seen an episode of BONES in Japan and I really haven’t given my voice dub a thought until right now. But that’s so bizarre. Somebody would be dubbing my voice in Japanese!

Do you get to go overseas to promote the show?
We don’t actually go there, we usually promote it from here. But David and Emily spent a lot of time on location [in London] so the season opener should be really fun.

Anything else you can spill on the new season?
Well we’re thrilled with the addition of John Francis Daley who’s hysterically funny and has been a really great addition to the cast. I know there is going to be a lot of relationship stuff going on this season. With everyone, including Angela.

Don’t miss tonight’s two-hour BONES finale on FOX [and Global TV in Canada] starting at 8PM.

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  • Nick.C

    im STILL pissed about Zach …

  • Sarah P.

    It was a fantastic season premiere!!! 😀 I loved it!!!

    Michaela, I’m one of your biggest fans. Ah, heck, I love the whole cast! 😀

  • Tarn

    Nice interview – thanks! I agree, they all seem to be very nice.

    It was great to see the show back, and catch up with the characters. And she’s right – I did not see the way Angela & Hodgins ended up coming, at all!

    But the UK stuff was rather cringemaking to a native Londoner (namely, me). Mostly a load of outdated cliches about the ‘upper classes’, lots of carefully-placed spot-the-tourist-attraction scenes, and locations which have been so over-used in films and tv, it’s not even funny.
    Though Indira Varma did very well with what she was given, and actually made a real person out of Pritch. Kudos, Suzie!

  • Philly Princess

    Michaela is so beautiful. So jealous of the picture you took with her. I got the feeling she didn’t know much about what’s going to happen. Don’t actors usually know what’s going to happen with their characters? What is going on on that set?

    It’s a shame this show has completely lost it’s magic. The first two seasons were so awesome. Then, it just went downhill with the writing and contrived plots. I didn’t tune in to the season 4 premiere, but I just KNEW they were going to overdue the cliches and what not. So, disappointing. A lot of Londoners aren’t happy. Funny, according to Hart Hanson they have a bigger fanbase over there, than here in the states. Not for long.

    I’m pretty much ready to see David Boreanaz in something more deserving. Actually, the whole cast!