The REEL Addict Hijacks

We interrupt your regular theTVaddict content to bring you a special announcement from

With the TV Addict inevitably knee-deep in the insanity that is the beginning of a new TV season – what with struggling to keep up with all the shows, and schmoozing with celebrities at parties (what a hard life) – I thought I’d take advantage of his letting down his guard to invade his site for my own nefarious ends.

You see, I know you guys all love TV, but during those summer months when you’re suffering from withdrawal, I’m sure a lot of you probably turn to the summer movie blockbuster season to get your fix. It’s okay. You’re among friends. We all do it. Besides, you need to stay cool (don’t we all) and see what the heck a WALL-E is, or prove that you know a PINEAPPLE EXPRESS isn’t a train, and know that THE DARK KNIGHT is spelled with a “k.”

With a few summer movies under your belt you’ll be well equipped to take part in theREELaddict’s First Annual Summer Lovin’ Event. All week I’ll be highlighting the best and worst this summer had to offer in movies. Today I look at the Best/Worst Moments, Wednesday will be the Best/Worst Performances, Thursday will be the Best/Worst Scripts, and then the crème de la resistance: Friday will be the Best/Worst Films.

So before you throw yourself fully into the new TV season, take one last week to fondly (and not so fondly) recall the best (and not so best) parts of the summer movie season before it all gives way to freaking out about how the heck you’re going to watch all those shows you love but are on at the same time.

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