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the office season 4 dvdI’m not sure if it’s a testament to’s growing popularity, or I’m simply just really lucky. But as of late it seems that networks and studios can’t seem to send this TV Addict free DVD’s fast enough. I mean it’s almost to the point where I see my local FedEx, UPS and DHL guys [and gals] more than my actual family!

So today, in honor of THE OFFICE Season Four being released in stores this week, this TV Addict is thrilled to be able to give away one copy of THE OFFICE Season Four on DVD.

To enter, simply post away in the comments below either (a) your favorite moment from the fourth season of THE OFFICE. Or (b) a story about a boss you’ve had that makes Michael Scott look like Steve Jobs [ie. really, really smart!]. And just so I can sleep soundly at night, please keep your story completely anonymous [and family friendlly] so that the story cannot in any way be tracked back to you. It would be a shame to lose your job overa free, albeit very funny DVD that you could just as easily pick up at at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc.

One winner will be notified via email on Wednesday September 10, so please be sure to enter with a valid email address.

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  • rachel

    SO many great moments to choose from! A few of my favorite parts from season 4 are:
    Jim faking Pam out with his proposals
    Holly thinking Kevin is “slow”
    Mose running with Jim and Pam’s car when they go to Dwight’s B&B
    Michael’s ad that he makes for the company
    Andy singing ‘take a chance on me’ to Angela
    Jim and Pam’s prank on Dwight- where he thinks the DMI website is alive, “this happens to computers and robots sometimes.”

  • Shawn S.

    My favorite moment of season four was episode, “MONEY”, When Jim and Pam stay at Dwight’s bed and breakfast. At night they hear something banging outside, Pam and Jim look out the window and the outhouse door and slamming back and forth. Then Mose is shown sitting in the outhouse. HILARIOUS LOL!!! I LOVE THE OFFICE AND I LOVE

  • Allison

    My favorite moment is in the Job Fair episode, when Michael tells Pam to get one new sheet of paper from the office. Pam calls Jim and says something to the effect of “I could just fax it” and he gets this big smile and says “I like you.”

    So understated yet so adorable.

  • lostfox555

    I would have to say that my favorite moment of season 4 would be…hmm…oh, man, so many moments to choose from. “Dangling participle,” “Celebrity sex tape,” “loving Italian food,” Jim telling Ryan off on the phone; the list goes on and on. I’m pretty sure, though, that it would have to be at the end of “Job Fair” when Jim and Pam kiss in the office. Just the whole, “Screw this.” out of Jim wins it for me. Even with Michael killing the mood.

    I wish I had a great boss story, but alas, I do not. There are days when I almost wish I had a Michael Scott as a boss so I would have fun stories to tell.

  • Kerry

    My favorite moment from season 4 has to be the Jim/Pam scene in ‘Money’ where Jim walks back into the office and kisses Pam – and their talking heads go onto discuss their ‘passion and love of Italian food’. So so great.

  • Koos

    My favorite moment of season 4…wow that is hard to choose. I think it is when Jim and Pam go to Dwight’s farm and are completely freaked out by everything…including Mose. And then Dwight reads them Harry Potter before bed =D

  • Jamie

    My favorite moment from season four was in the episode Goodbye Toby. I laugh everytime Michael makes that face at Toby when Toby tries to answer the question, “What would you improve about DunderMifflin?” during his final review.

  • Starsky

    “I would never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist.”

  • Sonni

    Seeing as English isn’t my native language, my favorite moment in season 4 was in “Money”, when they had the discussion whether “who” or “whom” is correct, because we really had to learn that in English class…and when Kelly said then “Ryan used me as an object.” I just couldn’t stop laughing anymore, it was just too hilarious.

  • Glenn

    I’d have to say Dinner Party is right up there in my favorite moments for Season 4, it was so awkward, yet so amazing. “You can’t buy a new party!” It’s hard to pick an actual favorite, it’s all brilliant, there’s no such thing as a bad episode. It’s just so well done it amazes me.

  • My favorite moment of the fourth season is seeing Jim do his best to console Dwight over the loss of his beloved Angela as his girlfriend – it was a tender moment between two rivals that showed that there was a strong bond between the two of them.

  • Amy

    While everyone seems to be focused on Dinner Party and Money, one of my favorite moments (quite sweet actually) is when Jim plays the Local Ad video that Michael made. It once again shows Michael lovingly- and oh so creatively- steroptyping his employees. The proud looks on their faces though…always makes me smile!

  • Nate

    “We can go eat pie!” -Kevin Malone

  • Jamie

    My favorite moment was from ‘Goodbye, Toby,’ when Michael calls Jim into his office for advice on making a mix tape for Holly. “It needs to work on two levels… the two levels being ‘welcome to Scranton’ and ‘I love you.'”

  • sigourney woltjen

    andy singing “take a chance on me” to angela 🙂

  • Lauren

    I’d have to say one of my all-time favorite moments is when Kevin does his Kool-Aid man face in Local Ad. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. There have also been some pretty amazing songs this season like Andy singing Take A Chance to Angela with his a capela group Here Comes Treble and Bye Bye Miss Chair Model Lady and of course That One Night by The Hunted…so wrong 😀

  • Shelley

    There were so many great moments this season, from Andy’s nipple bandaids to Toby’s unrequited love. We saw Dwight’s heartbreak, Merideth’s pelvic cast, Michael’s foot of the bed “bed.” We watched Jim and Pam finally happy together- at the same time- with each other. We saw Michael stand up to Jan, kinda. We saw Dwight get a girl while clubbing with Michael and Ryan (that sentence still doesn’t even make sense in my mind… who could have predicted any of that!)
    But for me the best moment comes when Jim is giving Michael, who is obviously interested in Holly, advice on how the office is a great place to get to know someone and start a relationship. I just love how during this conversation it occurs to Jim how many important moments he’s had with Pam at the office. It’s funny how we can spend so much time in a place without realizing how important it is in our lives. They (meaning both the characters and the actors/writers/crew) have formed their own unique little family, and through the lens of this mockumentary, they’ve made us feel a part of it too. I love this show!

  • Kevin favorite moment of season 4: Jim creating a second life character to “track” dwight’s, only to see that he’s a sportswriter in Philadelphia who plays a guitar. good to see Jim’s innermost desires…other than Pam that is

  • Suzanne

    I, like Ryan in the Office, have worked as a Temp. (Although, I didn’t know when I went for the interview that it was a temp agency; the job description on the site led me to believe that it was the actual company searching for employees. Also, there was not a documentary film crew and/or a really adorable guy like Jim Halpert at the office. ;D)

    Over the next couple of months, I became a member of the “special” group of temps (or even permanent employees) that actually learned several/most of the different tasks that the company offers to clients. What our lead manager always emphasized was to have high numbers/output; so, basically the company wanted to get quantity, not quality (which happens to go against my personal beliefs and work ethic). The lead manager would always stress this constant activity and that we were to always bill the clients for every little thing – no matter if we got the job done correctly or not.

    Anyway, what ended up happening is that due to the company’s greed, bad business model, and lack of foresight from our lead manager the company ended up losing their largest account (which happened to be the only money maker) due to the lack of results and our over-charging for our services. So, that meant that the company let go most of the 150+ temps, and even several full-time employees – all because they told us to do our jobs poorly. And unfortunately, I am was one of the people let go and I have yet to find another real job – over three months later.

    So, even though I was going to buy this at some point – I’m currently trying to avoid un-necessary spending, but winning this boxset would be like Christmas-come-early; because until I find another job – watching “The Office” can always put a smile on my face. ;D

    OH, and also – my FAVORITE Season 4 episode was “Night Out” because it finally shows that even Jim wouldn’t necessarily be a perfect leader – he IS just a regular guy – not all-knowing….. Not to mention it was also great fun seeing Dwight AND Ryan out clubbing and them not being their usual jerk-selves. ;D

  • Michele

    My favorite moment would have to be a silly one – Jim and Pam coming up with nicknames for Schrute farms. Embassy Beets! Radishinn!

  • G-C

    My favorite moment is when Andy stereo-sang “Take A Chance on Me” to Angela. Here Comes Treble for the win!

  • simone

    my favorite moment of season 4 is when Jim and Pam stay at Dwight’s beet farm. This is wonderful because it is very funny, you get to see Dwight outside of the office and at the farm that has always been talked about, and of course because it is so sweet to see Jim and Pam together. In this episode (the Money) I also love the part where Michael is sitting o the train and Jan comes and finds him. This is the one time where you really see how much Michael means to Jan, as she exhibits real worry and compassion for him. This part of the episode has one of my favorite lines which is when Michael tells Jan that that he is a man on a train with no answers.

  • Leslie

    “I’m SO going to bang Holly.” Kevin, you crack me up! Biggest laugh of season 4.

  • The finale was the best. What could top poor Phyllis walking in on Angela and Dwight doing the nasty. And damn you Andy, you stole Jim’s moment to propose to Pam!

  • Marie

    i liked how in the episode of goodbye toby, michael gives phyllis the job of planning toby’s goodbye party and they were discussing all these plans on how to send toby off and then afterwards there’s a scene where phyllis is on the phone going through the phone book asking for companies that rent anti-gravtity machines. that was hilarious.

  • matt

    In Brach Wars, when Michael is in the break room and Toby walks in with a bow tie on. Michael stops and stares at Toby
    Michael, “Oh… My…God! This is why people are leaving. …I have no words.

    I love Michael and Toby moments