And the Lucky TV Show to Grace EW’s Fall TV Preview is…

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Congratulations to readers Marenamoo, Marisa, Bws, Shanna, and Haya who correctly guessed that GOSSIP GIRL would be the lucky show to grace Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Preview. Now spill, which one of you secretly works at EW? [And could you possibly hook this TV Addict up with a job?]

gossip girl entertainment weekly blake lively penn badgley

gossip girl entertainment weekly chace crawford jessica szohr

  • What I wanna know is who is the CW paying for all this manufactured buzz? Because I’ve watched the show, okay? It’s so not worthy of this level of buzz.

  • Mohammad

    hanncoll: That’s just your opinion. I think it’s one of the best shows on TV right now, and many people agree with me.

  • Josh Emerson

    It’s not really my type of show, but it is enjoyable when I do end up watching. I kinda wish they hadn’t done two covers though. They should’ve just released the one with Blair and Chuck, who are the best part of the show.

  • Josh,

    Well then you got your wish! They actually did THREE covers, although my future employers, umm.. I mean good friends at EW have yet to send me the third cover!

  • Dominique

    I cannot wait for the third cover and I hope we get all three covers in the same issue like the one with The Office. I wouldn’t want to pick just one thought the Dan/Serena would lose for sure. It is actually the first cover I saw and I was disappointed but when I saw Chuck and Blair, I felt better. I am guessing the third one will be Nate with Jenny or Vanessa?

  • theo

    I just started buying EW, its my new bible. I cant wait to get my hands on the Fall Preview issue. I think the 3rd cover is a 90210 one.

  • Marisa

    I only wish I worked at EW!!!

    When I get my job there, you’re in for sure 🙂

    Intrigued about the third cover….

  • tim wilkins

    love gossip girl. I think the 3rd cover should go to Rufus and Kelly Rutherford. Chance and Jenny? I’m bad w/ names. lol Sorry. Even on TV. lol

  • Stella

    I agree that it’s not really worthy of all the buzz. The CW has spent a lot of money on it in promotion and they’re not even seeing it come back to them in the ratings. The show is okay, but nothing that previous teen shows have done. It’s a pretty shallow show, which just doesn’t appeal to some people.

  • cassie

    the third cover is nate (chace crawford) and vanessa (jessica szohr) <3
    yayyy. lol! they showed it on access hollywood.

  • Chris

    The thid cover is of Nate/Vanessa. Saw it at the store, though I bought the Chuck/Blair cover.

  • haha, i guessed that one right!

    The Blair/Chuck one is so superior to the Serena/Dan one. You’d think since Blake and Penn are dating in real life they would look cuter, but Ed and Lighton are definitely my favourites on the show.

  • Dominique

    I am buying the Chuck and Blair one for sure…

    Chris: are the other covers inside the magazine? They did that back when they had a special for The Office with Pam/Jim Dwight/Angela, etc.

  • Rae

    Even though I don’t watch Gossip Girl, I do love Leighton Meester and think she’s beautiful… that said, she looks horrible on that cover. The messy hair drives me crazy and her face looks whacked. I dunno if it’s the lighting or the weird angle of her head but surely they had a better photo to use?

  • bws

    It wasn’t too hard to guess that GG would get the EW cover. Most critics, Ausiello especially, swoon over those upper east siders. I think it is the best show in its genre by far. 90210 did absolutely nothing for me this week. Not a train wreck… but still not good.

    Nate should have been paired with Jenny. I haven’t liked Vanessa since she started on the show.

    I’ve always wondered how GG would do if it was on a different network. Three or four million viewers is still not very good. I have to think that it was on one of the big three that it would do 8-10 million. You can put almost anything on the big three and grab 7 million viewers.

  • Jessica Zohr’s (sp?) torso looks a million feet long. She is still gorgeous though. I love the multiple covers.

    i think GG is wonderful. For some reason people across all demos love it.

  • ewanspotter


  • A

    Chace Crawford looks really weird.