Good News, Bad News: 90210, HOUSE, 24, DR. HORRIBLE & More!

Good News: 90210 netted the CW a record 4.9 million viewers, making it the highest rated debut for a scripted series that the CW has ever had. Bad News: To quote’s Daniel Fienberg, “Just as an FYI: In its final season, staring cancellation in the face, “BEVERLY HILLS 90210″ averaged nearly 8.4 million viewers per week.” [Source]

Good News: Ted Danson’s career resurgence continues having just signed on to play Jason Schwartzman’s mentor in the HBO comedy pilot BORED TO DEATH Bad News: Possibly cutting short his critically acclaimed [read: awesome] turn as the duplicitous Arthur Frobisher on FX’s addictive legal thriller DAMAGES. [Source]

Good News: The oddly addictive soundtrack to Joss Whedon’s somewhat overhyped DR. HORRIBLE SING-A-LONG BLOG is now available on iTunes. Bad News: Someone’s going to have to explain to this TV Addict why the soundtrack costs $9.99 while the three act Dr. HORRIBLE series that costs over one hundred thousand dollars to produce only costs $4.99. [iTunes Link]

Good News: A familiar face from Jack Bauer’s past is returning to 24 this season. Bad News: That familiar face, Kim “Cougar Trap” Bauer. [Source]

Good News: HOUSE returns this Tuesday. Bad News: Cutthroad B•tch does not! [Moment of Silence…] And neither does a decent amount of screen time for Cameron and Chase.

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  • Niels

    Too bad so many americans just turn on CBS / FOX and never switch to anything interesting on tv. Because then they might have checked out TheCW once in awhile and noticed the amazing shows they have on there.
    And then 90210 would have had a chance to catch more viewers.
    If the show would have been on FOX, it would have had 3 times the amount of viewers it has on TheCW, that’s just the way it is.

  • Josh Emerson

    Yeah, it’s not really fair to compare the new 90210’s ratings to when the original aired on Fox. Not that I’ve watched either one. lol Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are enough young drama for me.

  • Hil

    The original 90210 had much less competition to distract the kids from it like these days where there are plenty of shows targeting them. Hey, I got distracted by a rerun on the Travel channel and forgot to watch it.

  • Noooooooo! Has 24 learned nothing from its past five seasons? Why can’t those producers be fan whores like Whedon??? Just give us exactly what we want when we want it and no one gets hurt!

  • ewanspotter

    It’ll be interesting to see how the 90210 ratings fall over the coming weeks.

  • SimplyKimberly

    No!!!!!!!! What.The.Hell? Why, oh why, are we to be subjected to another round with cougar bait?

  • Cleo

    You should do these segments more often, i love it:)

  • Tarn

    I’m boycotting iTunes because they rip off UK customers. We pay 79p for a song – what do you pay in the US, again? And $9.99 is about £6 – they charge us £7.99 for an album. Rip. Off. Plus their restrictive policies are an insult to customers.
    I’ll wait for the Dr H soundtrack to come out on CD. Or find a torrent for it (no doubt there will be one soon). I’d rather pay Whedon & his people for it, really – but iTunes can bite me.

  • Gabi

    And neither does a decent amount of screen time for Cameron and Chase.
    and I’m not watching S5 until somebody tells me that they are in the episode. >:o

  • Philly Princess

    I also agree that it’s unfair to compare the ratings for the original 90210(which I loved and watched from beginning to end) to the remake CW version. 4.9 million viewers is a big deal, ratings wise, for The CW. You should know this TV Addict! 🙂

  • I think Whedon charged so much for the soundtrack to test the limit on what his product is worth. It is selling like hotcakes, so that is a good indication that $9.99 is a reasonable price. One thing I can’t do with my video downloads is randomly distribute the songs in my playlists. Other than that, the only reason to buy the album is to encourage more Dr. Horrible.

    Normally, I only buy songs that are DRM free, but in this case, I had to support the horribleness.