The TV Addict Podcast: 90210 [S02E13]

This week, Daniel [the TV addict] and Ari step-up our TV Talk in response to some ‘constructive criticsm’ and manage to talk TV, virtually the entire podcast. More specifically, the return of 90210 and GOSSIP GIRL. So check it out and let us know what you think. Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated at, as well as reviews on iTunes.

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  • I find it hilarious that I liked 90210 more than you! I think the main reason people complain is because they wanted Gossip Girl style edginess, and what they got was almost John Hughes-ian in its innocence. Sure there’s some pre-school oral sex and drug buying, but for the most part, it’s a sweet throwback where the sports team pulls a prank on the rival school. It’s like a Saved by the Bell version of the original, which is kind of refreshing in its total lack of daring.

    Other quick notes: I too got a Moonlight letter, so don’t go thinking you’re so special. And even though it ends this Tuesday in America, please talk about Secret Life of the AmTeen every week on this podcast so I can revel in your horror.

  • tw111

    Dan and Ari, could you please podcast at least weekly? There is so much new tv, and we need reviews. The demise of TV Guide podcast has left a huge hole that it is your freakin’ duty to fill, slo hop to it, will ya? Please?