SWINGTOWN Finale Leaves this TV Addict Wanting More


At the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, SWINGTOWN executive producer Alan Poul promised that, “The season ends with a cliffhanger, but it’s also a completely satisfying ending. So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don’t go forward, there’s no feeling that we’ve been left with something incomplete.”


Did SWINGTOWN executive producer Alan Poul actually watch his show’s season finale on Friday night?

Putting aside how incredibly satisfying it was for this TV Addict to witness Tom and Trina Decker blossom into the summer’s most unexpected romantic couple, Janet evolve past her initial [and so overdone] tired cliched TV stereotype of Martha Stewart re-incarnate and B.J, and Samantha’s adorable first love, Mr. Poul is going to have to explain to millions of fans across the country what exactly was ‘completely satisfying’ about ending off the season and quite possibly the series with Susan, Bruce, Roger and Janet’s marriages on the brink of destruction?

Because unlike DuckyDoesTV.com, my slight television addiction has put a serious damper on my imagination and I’m definitely not content to have, “the story-lines and these characters grow, change and live on in my mind where they are safe from creative slumps and network gimmickry.”

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  • CC

    Yea I agree. Please post on here if you hear anything regarding a second season on cable or cbs. I loved that show, what a gem.

  • Sharron

    I totally agree. The finale was a definite SEASON finale–not SERIES finale. Please bring it back in 2009, so we find out what happens to Janet/Roger and Susan/Bruce marriages, Trina’s baby, Laurie and Doug….etc…!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR 09!!

  • linda

    Even though I am not into swinging and I like a loyal one man/woman marriage…I still liked this show. I thought it was interesting..like a soap oprah and I missed the last show! I am so upset..because I don’t know if or when they will repeat it.
    Please keep this show on the air!

  • Phoebe Siefken

    I think cbs is rotten for leaving us hanging i think they shouls at least let give us one more season so we can see what happens to trina and her pregnancy.and bruce and susans marriage and janets marriage and i want to know what happened in the hotel room between roger and susan . BRING BACK SWINGTOWN.

  • I watched swingtown from the the begining. If you can not bring it back to CBS.. then find another station to sell it too.. I am sure TBS or TNT would love to have it. Leaving us hanging was not a nice thing.. As I am sure the actors would love to come back too…