Win DEXTER Season 2 on DVD

With the third season of Showtime’s critically acclaimed series [not to mention TV Addict favorite] DEXTER set to bow exactly three Sundays from today, thought we’d help get one lucky TV Addict caught up by giving away the entire second season on DVD.

To enter to win, simply post in the comments below your best guess as to which DEXTER character will have the unfortunate luck of getting up close and personal with Dexter’s ‘special brand of justice’ this upcoming season.

One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on September 28th, which is coincidentally the day DEXTER’s third season premieres. So be sure to enter using a valid email address.

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  • Bryan Hughes

    I’ll go with Deb for no apparent reason. 🙂

  • Neil

    it will be Deb, i think she will somehow catch on to her brother, but i dont think Dexter will really do anything to her. he does care about her. its his sister. the only sibling he grew up with… but i do think Deb will have a very tough time adjusting to learning about Dexter and i dont think she will turn him in because he does slain the bad guys. [at least for now]

  • Josh C.

    Batista……i know not everyone has seen the first episode but i have…..and ill refrain from speaking certain details. but i think something that happens in the first episode sets him up with a dexter finale, if you catch my drift. plus i REALLY want to win this set 😀

  • I’d also go on and guess on Deb. It’d be a cool plottwist too.

  • Christina

    Deb’s gotta catch on to Dexter eventually, right?! I mean, she’s supposedly a cop. And the person closest to him.

    So, yeah. Deb.

  • Cris

    I’m gonna keep going with Deb too! I mean saying it will be Rita would be way too much, no?

  • tim wilkins

    Rita, who will use her ‘victim’ mode to help him snare unsuspecting victims who deserve ‘dexter’s style of justice.’

    Just saw season 1 on DVD and I would love to see what happened in the 2nd season. lol Don’t tell me like Kristen.

  • bws

    I’m going to throw in Rita. She’s been close before to seeing the true Dexter. And yeah, I really want this set, too. But no one better discuss the season premier episode. The way the show is structured, the first episode is kind of the biggest!

  • I’m going in for Batista! He is close with Dexter at work and somehow also in his private life…bowling and so on.

  • Liron

    I’m gonna go with Lt. Maria, though I strongly feel I could use a recap of season 2 to help me remember some of the events.

  • J

    Batista for sure…I was surprised that he didn’t go last season!

  • I’ll throw Masuka into the mix, just for fun.

  • Anna

    I’m going to have to go with Laguerta. She died in the first book.

  • Isn’t Jimmy Smits coming into Dexter’s neighborhood this year? New characters tend to get the axe (pun intended).

    I’m pulling for you Jimmy!

  • blueberry

    I think the lieutenant will get what’s coming to her. Plus she’s probably still upset over the death of Dokes.

    I want to win something from this site. Puhleease!

  • Wakey

    Laguerta would be my guess

  • Jillian

    *pulls name from hat* Laguerta.

  • Cory


  • Marc

    I think it’s gonna be Rita.

  • Cleo

    Miguel Prado, hes an interesting new character this season, i bet he gets the chop, literally

  • ewanspotter

    I say Vince (unless he died in season two… which I obviously have no seen… )

  • CC

    It would be so interesting if it were Deb, but I’m just excited for a new season!!! I’ll say Laguerta.

  • Candy

    I’m going with Laguerta

  • I hope no one but I think LaGuerta cause she’s going to be suspicious of him after Doakes

  • Dana

    Deb? No real explanation I just really want the DVDs lol

  • DB

    I’m thinking Laguerta too.

  • stacia

    I’ve got to go with one of the new characters as well, so it’s Jimmy Smits’ character all the way.

  • Linda B.

    I agree. I think it will be Jimmy Smits.

  • Mel

    I’ll go with Deb… just a hunch…

  • Jessie

    Whoever gets close to finding out will go next – either Rita or LaGuerta.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ll go with LeGuerta. Mainly because I think she’s the most expendable character. I don’t think think it’ll be Deb or Batista.

    Now send me the DVDs! 😀

  • Tisa

    I’m going to go with Deb too! ~ 🙂 Thanks!

  • Mohammad


  • Paula

    I think it will be Rita. This can free up Dex to found a new love .

  • It’s a tough call. You don’t want certain characters to go, because they add so much to the show. AND – you know the powers that be will choose one of them to be offed just to keep us off guard.


  • Jason Fiske

    Deb. I just know it…..

  • allie

    I hope it is Deb – not that Dex would hurt her, but if she discovered his secret it would create an interesting dynamic between them given her duty as a police officer.

  • Ant

    I honestly think its Deb.

    i could see her finding out about her brother, but she wont turn him in because its her only family and she will realize he is actually killing murderers & criminals, but it will take some time for her to get used the idea considering she’s an officer of the law and all.

    dexter will also have the issue of someone close to him finding out, but i dont think he would ever hurt deb

  • Jordan

    How about…….Laguerta?

  • Geri

    LaGuerta seems the most likely considering the books.

  • Kari B.

    I’m gonna say Lt. Maria, because I think she bugs Dexter:)

  • Jamie

    Oh my! Now I am hooked on watching Dexter! My husband was the one who loves watching it and I really had no idea how great the drama was untill I watch it myself. Now I am looking foward to get my hands on season three. Just started watching season two though’…. No idea what happen in season one… Would be nice if I get to watch it! 😉

  • Sharon V. Petner

    I think it’ll be Lt. Maria, because she’s getting under Dexter’s skin (which will make him want to get under skin literally–HAHA ;). And, I have a feeling she’s not as good as she seems (just like Dexter is not as good as he seems). She is too damned greedy/motivated to get ahead. Well, I really hope I win!!! 🙂