Exclusive Spoilers: TERMINATOR Stars Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau Talk Judgment Day

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Thomas Dekker, The TV Addict and Summer Glau in Los Angeles, August 2008

First the Television Critics Association Press Tour, then Comic Con and now the FOX Fall Press Junket, do you ever tire of talking about the TERMINATOR?
Thomas Dekker: It’s very lucky we’re in love with the show because if we weren’t…
Summer Glau: Sometimes things get blurry. People do tend to ask the same questions and it gets to the point where I almost don’t recognize anything that’s coming out of my mouth.

So you’re pretty much the TV equivalent of Presidential Candidates on the campaign trail. Is this a part of the business you enjoy? Doing the TERMINATOR ‘stump speech’.
Thomas: I’ve strangely managed to coast along acting for fifteen years without doing much of this. But if it will help the show be seen then we’re happy to do it.

Well at the very least I’m sure you’ve gotten to visit some cool places promoting the show?
Thomas: Best trip ever [laughs].
Summer: We went to Australia.
Thomas: It was a wild week. We were in Australia just the two of us for a week.
Summer: We had a really good time, that was a crazy week.
Thomas: Yes, drunken beach photographs and all! [Click for some pics]
Summer: Germany
Thomas: We’re very popular in Europe.

Heading into tonight’s season premiere, you’ve [Thomas] made it pretty clear the last time we talked that John Connor is going to finally start to grow up this season. But Summer, we don’t seem to know so much about what’s in store for Cameron this season.
Summer: It’s a big question. The show picks up right after the explosion and things change. Cameron’s going to be a lot more complicated than before and there were clues in season one hinting about the possibility of what her agenda is.
Thomas: Sometimes they [robots] go bad and we don’t know why…

Clearly Derek doesn’t trust Cameron [as Brian Austin Green revealed in our recent interview with him], yet the Connors seem to have really grown attached to her.
Thomas: I think in a surprisingly strange way I think Sarah accepts Cameron even more than John does this season. Which is a big switch from last year. Have you noticed that? [talking to Summer]. I think it’s an interesting thing that Sarah kind of lets Cameron take John’s place.
Summer: John’s having a huge rebellion this season and he’s got a new girl in his life.
Thomas: Maybe that’s why Sarah needs you.
Summer: She does need me, I’m all she’s got!

So in a way, Cameron’s the daughter Sarah never had. And speaking of potential daughter, or daughter-in-laws for Sarah — I met Leven Rambin yesterday [stay tuned for the interview]. How are your scenes working out with her?
Thomas: You know it’s always tough because you meet someone in the morning and you’re shooting these romantic… although we haven’t done anything crazy yet… that’s in a couple of weeks. But she’s very nice. Although it’s got to be tough for anyone new to come on the set because we worked such long hours that first season and it really was only the three of us that we created our own unique kind of language. But new people coming in… well, it’s a new adventure.

I imagine the workload must be less with more additions to the cast this season?
Summer: You would think that…
Thomas: But no. We have more characters but everything is so much bigger. There’s more money being spent on more locations, which equals more plot. So it kind of evens out.

Do you prefer locations to shooting on the Warner Bros. lot?
Summer: Location. I love studio because it’s sort of like home. But locations look beautiful which is nice.

What would you say is the overarching theme of the season?
Thomas: At the TCA’s Josh said that it was evolution. But for me it’s trust no one. Nothing is safe or sacred. I just feel like fans will be shocked every week as to what’s happening to all of us.

At Comic Con it was revealed that a major character will die this season.
Thomas: One of us who was at the panel at Comic Con, which was me, Lena, Richard, Brian, Shirley and Garret. One of us will die. Soon.

And I assume you both know who it is?
Thomas: Yes and we can’t tell you.

Really? Because it would really help me in my quest to become the next better looking version of Michael Ausiello.
Thomas: We were shocked as to who dies. But it will be worth it for the story.
Summer: Oh yeah.

Well I hope it’s not Cromartie. Because I’m fairly sure that that killing an indestructible Robot that can easily be rebuilt is somewhat of a cop out.
Thomas: Here’s the point. The shock does not come out of necessarily whether they’re really dead or not. The shock comes because that death, in its own way, is what causes Judgement Day.

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