Good News: The NBC Universal family which includes NBC, SciFi, USA and Bravo have come to their senses and put their content back on the Apple’s iTunes Store. Bad News: For my wallet. [Source]

Good News: TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES launched their second season last night with a phenomenal action-packed episode. Bad News: Which most of America missed because they were too busy watching DEAL OR NO DEAL. I mean seriously America. Are you trying to kill the medium that this TV Addict loves so dearly. What’s the deal? [Source]

Good News: According to Newsweek, the TV Addict is not the only guy who watches GOSSIP GIRL. Bad News: Still no confirmation as to whether I’m the only guy excited for PRIVILEGED. [Source]

Good News: The gang from ENTOURAGE returned on Sunday. Bad News: Clocking in at less than twenty-five minutes, each ENTOURAGE episode still feels way too short.

  • blueberry

    Plenty of me and my dude friends watch Gossip Girl. The way I see it, we’re allowed to have one guilty pleasure and that’s GG. But what a guilty pleasure it is.

    Emphasis on both guilty and pleasure.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pimp the premiere of Fringe out to everyone I know.

  • You’re not the only guy excited about Privledged. Ducky was almost orgasming over it. 😛

  • Jonah

    I’m with ya, dude. Exactly how STUPID is America? Watching people pick suitcases to open is what excites them? OMG, and we’re allowing these people to vote for our next president? Unbelievable.

    No doubt, they’re the same morons laughing at Jeff Foxworthy and getting stumped week after week by a 5th Grade show on FOX. Can’t you just imagine the TV programmers’ snickering as they dream up the next inane concept: “Now how shall we appeal to the absolute lowest-possible IQ person this week? It’ll be a big hit, cost us no money, put actors out of work, destroy our own medium, further erode the intelligence of U.S. Americans (thank you, Miss Teen S.C.)….and slap all true TV fans in the face. What a perfect plan!”

  • tim wilkins

    i’m checking out priveldged. lol but i hope 90210 doesn’t stink.

  • Charles

    Another guy checking out Privileged. See…thats 4 right there! Oh god. Lol. It was really good, very witty, very…Gilmore Girls. 🙂 Let us thank Joanna Garcia and Rina Mimoun for that!

    *breathes sigh of relief*

  • Michael Cassidy is for me but there’s always the ultra cute JoAnna Garcia for the rest of you guys in Privileged!

    Seriously, I loved it far more than I imagined I would.

  • Gabi

    I really didn’t like Privileged. It was so unoriginal and so boring, I just hate that they have to do millions of show with rich kids on the CW, a little diversity.

  • Just curious, do those rating scores take DVRs into account? I ask this because the simple fact is parents with young children are not watching that show live at 8:00. We record it and watch it long after the kids are asleep. We are the generation that made the Terminator movies blockbusters but no way is my kid who stays up till her 8:30 bedtime going to be allowed to watch that show.

  • Lynn

    Although I do wish the CW would find out how to do a show that’s not about rich, white, spoiled brats, I really did enjoy Privileged. I was only sort of looking forward to it, more interested than anything else, and it exceeded my expectations. I really did enjoy it. Whatever the ratings turn out to be, I hope the CW and the public give it a chance.

  • Nel

    The second season of Terminator opened up with an awesome episode. But it sucks when shows I love end up getting beat in the ratings by all these reality/game shows. Granted, I’ll admit I’ve watched some in the past. But the scripted shows will always take the top spot. I tend to go watch those other shows only when there’s nothing I like on. lol

  • Greg

    I hate to say it but I am an man and I watched Privileged too. And, surprise, I kind of liked it. I admit, I will watch any scripted show, at least once, if there is an attractive woman. I liked the lead character, and the story was ok. Granted, it has been done before, but I will watch further to see if I stay amused.

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  • jess

    my dvr erased Privileged so thank goodness The CW is repeating the episode. YEAH!