The TV Addict Lends the CW Promotions Department a Hand

Don’t get me wrong, the TV Addict loves the CW. But as we head into week two of the new fall season, we can’t help but notice that the little-network-that-could hasn’t really made much of an effort to remind fans that they’ve got other shows on the air. You know, besides 90210 and GOSSIP GIRL.

So as a public service announcement to fans of quality television everywhere, thought we’d help promote the rest of the CW’s schedule [ie. SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, ONE TREE HILL, EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, THE GAME and tonight’s newest addition PRIVILEGED] by devising a slogan slogan the CW might wish to consider.



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  • hanncoll

    At this point, they’re not even trying to pretend they’re promoting anything besides GG and 90210.

  • hermit

    Man, you’re not kidding. It’s like the CW only has three shows, GosGrl, 90210 and Privileged. The fact that the CW’s ass was saved by Smallville and Supernatural the only two scripted shows keeping the ratings somewhat decent, as well as ANTM as the one non-scripted show keeping the CW’s head above water you’d think the bauble heads at the CW would be a little grateful and promote them better, especially SV and SN. But no. They have their shiny new toys and like any other child, decides to discard the old and true for the new and shiny. But they forget, new and shiny also tends to grow old and rusty.

  • SeaKo

    I agree. Especially because they forgot to promote PRIVILEGED like GG & 90210.

  • Armando A

    haha. Well This years the CW has benn awfull promoting it’s ‘others’ shows. For example I though THE GAME was cancelled because there was no promoting or stuff of the new season! Untill today I didn’t know a new season was going to be aired!

    they’re definitely not the WB.

  • Michaela Gilmore

    I am so glad someone else has noticed this. Believe me, us Supernatural fans have virtually given up on them actually promoting the show. They were bad enough with previous seasons but this year is just frustrating beyond belief. I guarantee when Supernatural airs it will have better viewing figures than GG or 90210, but that won’t make a difference either. I really wish it was on a different network to be honest..

  • Mel

    Wha? HUH? You mean Gossip Girl and 90210 aren’t on every night? Get out!!! Really????

    Its rediculous. They have ten hours of programming and are promoting two of them.
    And I’m sure they’ve shot the publicity wad by now so we won’t even see much for SN & SV coming up this week. At least they’re bundling OTH and Privledged with the two golden children. SN & SV are pretty much on their own and there’s nary a mention of EHC or the Game anywhere.

    So OK, they don’t promote SV & SN and the ratings dip a little — they’ll blame the shows and take no responsibility. But with GG? Its because of the way viewership is meadured that the ratings aren’t higher. Or its wonderful because 66% of girls wih long hair were watching.

  • tim wilkins

    Well, that’s an understatement. CW needs to promote more and hopefully it won’t all look like it’s about rich white kids. Uh, hello? 90210, GG, and Priviledged? I forgot smallville and supernatural were on CW. And ‘what about chris?’ lol He’s on Freaking Fridays.

  • Lizz

    Hey!! That’s awesome.
    You really did a good job and what you said is so very true. Sad but true.

    Though at this point, I’ll be happy if people tune in to 90210 & GG and help maintain the Network afloat so that their other shows can stay on air. (and reach their last season – namingly Supernatural)