And the say television doesn’t teach us anything. Thanks to the gorgeous glowing Panasonic 42″ flat-screen in my living room, this TV Addict learned two important things last night. First off, all women named Catherine are apparently evil. And secondly, there are two types of girl-fights, good ones and bad ones.

For an example of good girl-fights, look no further than last night’s fantastic season premiere of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Not only was this TV Addict on the edge of his seat as a malfunctioning Cameron [Summer Glau] spent the better part of an hour hunting down the very people she was programmed to protect. Newcomer Catherine Weaver [Shirley Manson] truly made her point [yes, pun intended] by revealing to the both the audience and one incredibly unfortunate employee that she’s actually a T-1001 Liquid Metal Terminator that you don’t want to mess with.

Meanwhile, over to the Upper East Side, the good girl-fight continued when another evil Catherine, this time in the form of Marcus’ mother finally coming face-to-face with a woman far more intimidating than any robot sent from the future — GOSSIP GIRL’s Blair Waldorf. Which naturally begs the question: Who’s scarier: The T-1001 or the Queen B of the Upper East Side?

Unfortunately, the fun stopped at precisely 9PM when ONE TREE HILL showed us the dark, make that, very dark side of girl-fights. And while there is something inexplicably fun about watching Summer Glau get beaten, bruised and crushed between two trucks week-in-and-week-out. There is absolutely nothing even remotely entertaining with regards to what our favorite Tree Hill denizen Brooke Davis is going through. A fact that is made all the more worrisome thanks to the slow manner in which ONE TREE HILL likes to milk its story-lines.

Seriously. Creator Mark Schwann, if you’re reading this, we’re prepared to give you one, maybe two more episodes tops to allow this story-line to play out. But there’s no way this TV Addict is tuning in each and every week to see the adorbale Brooke Davis suffer.

Has TV taught you nothing? Fans don’t like it when our favorite characters go to such dark places [See: the time when 90210’s Kelly survived the fire, or the depression that was Meredith for most of last season on GREY’S ANATOMY]

  • Linda B.

    I thought the liquid metal terminators were T-1000s? Or are the female ones T-1001s?

    I’ve not been too big a fan of this show even though i still watch it. Last night seeing Shirley turn into a T-1000 got me all fired up! Maybe with the show being a hit FOX decided to throw more money at it.

  • I LOVED T:SCC last night! I’m sorry but that was good action television. And Cromartie’s line to Ellison was chilling. And Cameron and John’s relationship so good but so twisted. I remember thinking last season that as much as John doesn’t want the computer’s to take over, he’s enamored with this technology as long as he can control it. I think that’s going to be his biggest struggle.

    On to GG, always a good romp with some layers. It was great as usual.

    Now OTH, I’m there with the TVA, I can’t watch Brooke go through this while everyone around her is oblivious. And Q getting shot was just horrible. I think Mark needs a hug. His storylines are clearly a cry for help.

  • tim wilkins

    Oh, GG was good. Blair gets the best lines.
    Blair to Chuck: She saw something in me. Or was it something I saw in her?
    Watch the ep.
    Hilarious. lol -)

  • Liz

    I was devastated when Q got shot. Didn’t we already suffer enough when Keith got shot by Dan? Haven’t we seen the Ravens overcome such odds?

    In other news-GG improved a lot from the premiere. Let the battle begin between Blair and Cougar Catherine.

  • Jamie P

    I agree with TVA, I don’t want to watch much more of Brooke suffering. The rest of the episode was great though, aside from the preview of Q dying. Him and Jamie are cute together. I have a feeling that Luke and Peyton will not have easy sailing to their wedding. Just a little hunch I have haha. Also, I am anxious to see how the whole Dan/ Nanny Carry story plays out.

    GG was great as usual. Blair definitely has the best lines! I didn’t like the way Nate reacted to finding out Chuck was helping his family. Oh, Nate is sooo hot this season! Way more hot then I remember him being last season.

    Cant wait for 90210 and Privileged. Not sure if I should tell anyone i am excited about it either…
    Some shows I watch are a closely guarded secret! Like Outsiders Inn, and New York Goes to Hollywood. I would’ve be able to stand the shame.