Help Solve the Mystery that is 90210

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Now I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t FRINGE the show that’s supposed to have fans scratching their heads?” Well, yes. But this morning this TV Addict can’t seem to stop thinking about all the surprising mysteries brought forth by last night’s installment of 90210. Here’s hoping that you, my far smarter and better looking readers can help a TV Addict out by posting your theories.

Mystery #1, West Beverly High: Far be it from this TV Addict to judge another high school. But at least where I came from [Toronto’s Forest Hill Collegiate, in case you’re wondering], new kids were not so easily welcomed with open arms like the gang from West Bev seems to have embraced Annie and Dixon Mills. I mean seriously. Unless you were hot, and I mean really really hot. Newbies weren’t talked to for a good month or two! Which begs the obvious question, what is Annie and Dixon’s secret? And more importantly, why did 90210 showrunners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs rob fans of that classic first season episode where our lead characters invariably form that best-friends-forever bond after being trapped in detention, an elevator, the library, and/or victims of a school shooting or earthquake.

Mystery #2, Naomi Clark: Do the powers that be seriously expect us to buy that AnnaLynne McCord looks young enough to play a high school student? But Gabrielle Carteris comparisons aside, what this TV Addict is really tiring of is the played out television cliché that money doesn’t by happiness. Who doesn’t dream of the day when your Dad makes up for the fact that he can’t take you to Las Vegas by surprising you with a car.

Mystery #3, Kelly’s BabyFather: While the identity of Kelly’s one night stand technically still remains a mystery, there’s no way that Sammy’s father isn’t Dylan McKay. I’m just sayin’, Jim and Cindy Walsh did no raise Brandon Walsh to be a deadbeat dad!

Mystery #4, Silver: Are we honestly expected to buy the fact that Silver has been spending her nights at a Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles? Don’t get me wrong, I understand not wanting to spend time with a hammered Jackie Taylor [played to perfection yet again by Ann Gillespie] But did Silver really have to tug at our heartstrings with a shelter? I mean come’on. She’s a hot girl in West Beverly. Could she not have slept over at a boyfriends, a best friends, Mel and/or Kelly’s place?

Mystery #5, Jessica Walter: And just when I was looking forward to my weekly Tabitha Mills/Jessica Walter Fix? Nothing… Donna Martin Graduate! More Lucille Bluth!

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  • Lynn

    Jackie Taylor is played by Ann Gillespie. But I agree. She was awesome. It was great to see her again. I was waiting and waiting and she didn’t even show up until the very end.

    Also, though, AnnaLynne McCord is only 21. And a new 21 at that. Definitely not the oldest in the teen cast. I kinda think that’s an okay-ish age to play a teenager. She’s definitely no Luke Perry, Ian Ziering or Gabrielle Carteris.

  • Just Jody

    As for mystery #1, they did make a point of saying it had already been a few weeks since the pilot, so they have already been there for about a month. Both Annie & Dixon are very hot, and Brenda and Brandon were both accepted pretty quickly as well.

    I also don’t have a problem with Naomi seeming too old. I do have a problem with Jessica Stroup’s very obvious eating disorder though. Love the character, but that girl needs to eat. She looks ill. I do agree that a shelter seems unlikely for one of the 90210’ers. She doesn’t seem to have too many friends though…

  • Lynn: Thanks for the correction. I’d say that this is the last time I rely on Google for research, but please, that is so not going to happen.

    Just Jody: While I completely agree with you on Silver’s apparent eating disorder. I do think the girl needs to be cut a little slack. Not to make light of how important a Women’s Shelter is. The priority is probably on the ‘shelter’, not so much the food!

  • Jared

    I guess I just sit and enjoy it. I really love this show. It’s not a science project to me. I work a crappy job all day and I just want to sit in front of the tv and just relax. It’s simple and makes me happy. There are enough things to be overly critical of in the world and 90210 certainly isn’t one of them. Lighten up and have fun.

  • Cynthia

    Guilty pleasure!!! It’s fun show. I definitely want to see what comes next. I love shows about high school and at least this one has some writers that are known for one of my favorite shows ever. I’m having fun with it as are my friends.

  • Courtney

    First, I have to say that I am with you, tvaddict 100% of the way on this show – no matter what I will watch every episode because Bev was my first “need to watch” show. To prove my devotion, i will share this: we had a Bev club in high school where we would watch the newest episode at lunch and yell at the characters.

    Now to the mysteries…In order of importance:

    Mystery #3 – I agree, it must be Dylan…after the first ep I thought it was Brandon b/c of the phone call & Brenda’s comments, but then after last night I figured that it had to be Dyan, in light of the “we had a lot of history in high school” comment. Brandon & Kelly didn’t date until college…unless this incarnation of 90210 is going to follow in it’s big sister’s footsteps and be riddled with continuity errors.

    Mystery #1 – I am very disappointed that we didn’t get a couple of eps with Annie and Dixon trying to fit in and feeling their way out in the new school. The whole thing was WAY too easy for them. Their dad’s the freakin’ principal! if that doesn’t say social pariah, I don’t know what does. And I totally agree with what you guys said on the podcast – even hot people are more likely to be accepted first by the opposite sex.

    Mystery #2 – When Naomi and her mom are in the same scenes, I find it creepy that they look about the same age.

    Mystery #4 – I’m guessing that she didn’t want to let Kelly know what was going on for some reason? And Mel has probaby is on lockdown with bimbo #253898. But yes, someone probably could have taken the poor girl in. As an aside, she’s not the only one who looks like she could use a Megaburger.

    Mystery #5 – I have faith that she will be suitably used. at least that’s what I’m telling myself…

    ps – more podcasting on 90210 PLEASE!

  • Courtney

    sorry, that was much longer than I intended!

  • tim wilkins

    This 90210 wants to start off with the bang. That’s the mystery. Why not build up and introduce the characters? And I kept thinking Naomi Clark looked older than the rest too. lol After u’ve seen her on ‘nip/tuck’ this is nothing for her. lol And I was disappointed in Walters or Doherty. Loved Garth and “Silver” may be the heart of the show. She should have asked to stay with someone but insecurities can make one do crazy things. =) I thought it odd too she “hid” out by the trash can when she knew Dixon had chores. lol SSOO OBVIOUS. lol Hey Silver, ask next time.

  • tim wilkins

    ‘disappointed in no Walters or Doherty” in the ep. -) They would have added.

  • Jamie P

    I think Brandon may end up being Sammy’s dad. I just think that the way Kelly was talking about their relationship. made it seem like it was Dylan. Way too easy..maybe they want us “think” its Dylan?

    The show was great last night! Dont know what I would do without the CW between GG, OTH, and 90210. I am giddy with excitement every Mon and Tues.

  • Nora

    Mystery #3 – I don’t think it’s Brandon OR Dylan! Remember Kelly dated Steve Sanders pre-Brenda/Brandon moving to town, or so the story went. And, the kid’s got blonde curls, AND Steve could possible be the “dead-beat” dad type (I just can’t picture either Brandon or Dylan doing that). I’m guessing she hooked up with Steve POST college. I know a WILD guess, but when I saw the kid at the end of the episode and his beautiful blonde curls…well…..

  • Neena

    ‘Mystery #1 – I am very disappointed that we didn’t get a couple of eps with Annie and Dixon trying to fit in and feeling their way out in the new school. The whole thing was WAY too easy for them.’

    Exactly now everyone is best friends and there is very little drama or tensions between the characters. I thought that this weeks ep was okay but nothing special.

    As for AnnieLynn the fact that she looks at least 25 doesn’t bother me; but her acting is awful. I’m disappointed that Naomi isn’t the catty character they said she would be.

    Tim Wilkins – i agree with you. There has been very little introduction on the characters and no real build up. That is why when Naomi found out that her dad was cheating…i couldn’t have cared less.

    As for Silver…i too was surprised that she was living in a shelter, but my guess is that she didn’t want anyone to know about Jackie.

    I am sure that the show will improve and saying all of the above, i cannot wait for next weeks ep.

  • Damn Nora, beat me to it. I also vote for Steve. As soon as I saw the kid in the premiere I was thinking “wow, he’s got that curly blond hair like a certain Corvette driving guy we used to know.”

    Honestly, I didn’t find the show entertaining enough to watch past the first week but I am curious to know since the girls in my office have a pool going on the identity of the baby-daddy.